Love Is Flowing Towards Me

Since a few days Fau Ferdinand, new curator of the Oddysee Sim tells me everyday she loves me and now also Pei May aka Franco Mattes, performance artist from HTTP://WWW.0100101110101101.ORG says he loves me. I sincerely hope I can handle all that love since I am a little allergic to love as it attacks my skin.

Pei May: Hi! just wanted to drop you a line, it seems like Nilo, our assistant here in UK, rejected you yesterday during our performances, I wanted to say sorry, Eva and me LOVED what you did during our Export performance, and we hope you’ll be back, thanks and see you soon!
SaveMe Oh: Good to hear, because my intention is never to disturb but to contribute in an interactive enviroment. And as Nilo is also an OH ofcourse I forgive him. Boys have that ejecting thing!!!

More footage and gossip about the event???

(but don’t tell his wife he quotes me so much)

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