The Dog Responded

Dancoyote Antonelli: we do make a wonderful couple no?

 SaveMe Oh: dont we?

 Dancoyote Antonelli: we should offer to do a four way with Eva and Franco

 Dancoyote Antonelli: although I’m not into Franco so much

 SaveMe Oh: why not let Eva and Franco out?

 SaveMe Oh: just the 2 of us?

 Dancoyote Antonelli: it’s been done

 Dancoyote Antonelli: hey I have a riddle for you

 Dancoyote Antonelli: what do you call a dog that does not obey?

 SaveMe Oh: coyote?

 Dancoyote Antonelli: !-D

 Dancoyote Antonelli: }:=-

 Dancoyote Antonelli: have you ever seen American TV wrestling?

 SaveMe Oh: yes, i think so

 Dancoyote Antonelli: it is a theatrical format

SaveMe Oh: yes, with those big guys flying thru the air

Dancoyote Antonelli: and somehow, nobody gets hurt, everybody’s happy no?

Dancoyote Antonelli: the viewer, the sponsors, the networks, the media, the critics have a feast

Dancoyote Antonelli:

SaveMe Oh: and?

Dancoyote Antonelli: [. . .] Wrestlers, who are very experienced, know perfectly how to direct the spontaneous episodes of the fight so as to make them conform to the image which the public has of the great legendary themes of its mythology. A wrestler can irritate or disgust, he never disappoints, for he always accomplishes completely, by a progressive solidification of signs, what the public expects of him.

SaveMe Oh: and are we now talking about your or my public?

Dancoyote Antonelli: there’s a difference?

SaveMe Oh: yes, a big one

SaveMe Oh: my public likes a good laugh

Dancoyote Antonelli: <—is laughing

SaveMe Oh: and they love you for that

Dancoyote Antonelli: who else is laughing, who are “they”?

SaveMe Oh: me and my father

Dancoyote Antonelli: did you conceive a child?

Dancoyote Antonelli: or are we both pregnant?

SaveMe Oh: I am expecting something hyperformalistic

Dancoyote Antonelli: my god! when are you expecting?

SaveMe Oh: in some weeks

Dancoyote Antonelli: what to call the child?

SaveMe Oh: Saved Coyote

Dancoyote Antonelli: I like Joseph

Dancoyote Antonelli: after my father

SaveMe Oh: Fathers have no rights

Dancoyote Antonelli: would be the child’s grandfather

Dancoyote Antonelli: how convenient for the fathers

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