Rebirth Of The Italian Screensavers

Yesterday night we were invited to see the rebirth of the Italian screensavers. Where Windows Media Player and other media players deliver the service at random, Italian artist Evaluna Sperber spent months in designing and collecting 1 million textures to fire at us with the rezzing machines managed by big brother Velazquez Bonetto in his uberscripted control room that he managed to let play automatically, so he even don’t have to be present anymore. As CARP is a hippie kingdom, of course there were some hidden images of Jesus Christ and Buddha. (also an Arabic line to make nobody angry).

After the first seconds of amazement about the marvellous techniques the show became boring and predictable, dark colours for bad things, light colours for the good and Evaluna like a lost fairy twisting around in her own images soup.

The other Italian Screensavers, like Luce Laval, Solkide Auer, Shellina Winkler, Merlino Mayo and Lucian Iwish did what they always do. Make colourful screensavers. Funny thing is that their screensavers mix perfect with the one of your PC when it goes in standby mode.

The Italian Art Maffia even forced poor MillaMilla Noel (M&M for friends), who makes beautiful images, to cut her stuff in pieces and had it been scripted and twisted.

Was it that bad? No, not at all, it was overwhelming at first with an aftertaste of deception as it was about nothing, empty-headed show-offs.

What was really bad was The Wall, another CARP project, there you see old hippies dance when they play a Pink Floyd soundtrack, with occasionally a dancing doll from what you have no idea why it dances. Should the wall behind it give a clue? Does George Bush as the bad guy gives a clear message? You tell me! My guess is that they want to tell me: DON’T BE BAD.

So the best artproject of 2010 stays the landscape of Deruub Pastorelli. Nothing rotating, nothing scripted, just painted. A surreal landscape with an unique feel nowhere else to be found in Secondlife.

And you, SaveMe Oh, with your big mouth, can you do any better???

Of course, at least I don’t fall asleep when I build my own bullshit.

4 thoughts on “Rebirth Of The Italian Screensavers

  1. Roxelo Babenco said:
    Saveme, this time also, you don’t leave your provocative role! The exhibition of the italian artists was very important and beautifull. Velazquest exhibit same of the better artist of Second Life, all italians. Your provocation, this tim don’t works :D)
    The italian people, all the honest italian people hate all the mafie!

    I replied:
    And what when I am not playing a role to provocate but am really meaning what I say? That “artists” are vanishing in technical showoff contests. Who has the best scripts, who has the newest textures? It’s just as with a new car, it is more powerful and quicker or greener then the last one, but at the end it is just another car. I am the romantic type and will wait for the artist who touches my soul. (when I have one)

    • SAVEME is the best I like it a lot. the only sleepwalker, who lives in his nightmares, pleased not to sleep. When she wakes up crap shoot that calls irony. help is just reacting a little, we do not want that to end up hurting yourself awake he believes it to be pardoned as when dreaming amuses us with his funny shit

  2. Saveme I understand very well that saying the words “Italian Art Maffia” you were ironic and I laughed very much but you must know that call a italian ” mafioso” is as call a german ” nazist” . If I can give you a friendly sugger, don’t do it:D

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