Hitman Wanted

To get rid of a parasite that is stalking me already since months I am in search of a serious hitman that can eliminate Wirxli FlimFlam. This lowlife creature is trying to stand all the time in my shadow in the hope he will get some kind of recognition too. He didn’t succeed to do this on his own as he is a brainless pink worm only able in sucking blood. Now he is trying, by using my name as much as possible, to get hits to his sad blog in an attempt to give a reason for his existence. http://wirxliflimflam.blogspot.com/2010/02/transitional-stuffincluding-new-panel.html .

But the only reason for his existence is not the rubbish he produced in his worthless secondlife but the great opportunity for all kind of head hunters in secondlife  to exterminate this bloodsucking creature that is as a dark cloud around my bright talent.

Kill the bastard for me and I will make you rich.

How to recognize the nitwit? Search for the most ugly avatar on the grid with purple hair and it’s him.

When the shitface is not dead soon I will consider marry assholes like Georg Janick or DanCoyote Antonelli or even have an exhibition on Pirats Sim.

Please help me!

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