Did Georg Janick And Newbab Zsigmond Die?

Are avatars who ban you existing after that act? It’s a strange phenomena. When you can’t go anymore to their places you don’t see them or hear from them so it could be they have vanished completely and you start to wonder if they ever have existed. So Georg, Newbab or any other tyrant, unban me or I convict you to everlasting anonymity.

 SaveMe Oh: Hi Sabrinaa, is Georg still boss of Caerleon? Or is there somebody else who can unban me there?

Sabrinaa Nightfire: you want to see Steaming Hot?

SaveMe Oh: yes, for example

Sabrinaa Nightfire: don’t you have an alt you can use?

SaveMe Oh: yes, I have a lot, but it’s the trouble

Sabrinaa Nightfire: hehe

SaveMe Oh: and my alts are not all art lovers

Sabrinaa Nightfire: ah, i seee

SaveMe Oh: so is he still in charge? I never saw him anymore.

Sabrinaa Nightfire: of course..he who pays is in charge

SaveMe Oh: of course

SaveMe Oh: but I thought he might have died

Sabrinaa Nightfire: nope, he’s alive and well

SaveMe Oh: so tell the bastard again to unban me quick

Sabrinaa Nightfire: oh, okay

SaveMe Oh: have sex with him if necessary

Sabrinaa Nightfire: lol

Sabrinaa Nightfire: yes, ma’m

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