The Death Of An Avatar

Since last year I am stalked by an idiot who calls himself a performance artist but the only thing he performs is being obsessively close to me all the time and write twisted loveletters to me on his blog.

The name of this purple idiot is Wirxli Flimflam and he presents himself as one of my kind. But when you look at his work you see a sad pile of pretentious shit collected in movies that are best described as teletubbies fucked by smurfs, an endless stream of ego-tripping sadness made so foolish that he can be sure everybody clicks away after a second.

Now the freak think he can win me for his heart to do a final performance on Valentine’s day. How low can you go, when you go behind my back to the owners of CARP sim, begging them for a platform to perform. It must be after the disaster in Haiti they became week and let him do his stuff.

Well, to make sure it is really his last performance ever, I created him a nice space where I will make sure that this is really his last day in secondlife. When he is not taking care of that himself, I will. And for the one’s who don’t know, Catherine Linden, Teagan Linden and Torley Linden belong to my closed friends and they already talked with Philip to put an end to this.

So I call all machinima artists and photographers to be there sundaynight to be witness of the death of an avatar. The victim may not believe it himself completely but I make sure he will believe it soon.

When this bastard is not gone after this weekend I promise I will gangbang in public Georg Janick, DanCoyote Antonelli, Henry 125 Petrov, Nessuno Myoo, Igor Ballyhoo and Newsbab Zsigmond with Merlina Rokokokokokocoucou as dessert.

Valentines Day – February 14 (Sunday), 2010 – 1 PM SLT


Benvolio 150, 135, 3249

8 thoughts on “The Death Of An Avatar

  1. Yes indeed Save. It’s time this creep dies. How dare he to come between us and our love relation! Normally this kind of people are banned(…) Why don’t you ask Velaz to ban this sucker?

  2. I asked Vela, but as he is an old hippie and afraid of what others might think of him when he took firm steps he don’t dare. But I don’t need his help. I will deal with this creep with my own measures. And I also advice you to lower your voice otherwise you are next, better send me my cheque for this month.

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