Is It Too Big???

Newbab Zsigmond: Hi Saveme

SaveMe Oh: hi newbab

Newbab Zsigmond: This party is for a real party tomorrow in a gay bar

Newbab Zsigmond: We make a film

SaveMe Oh: great

Newbab Zsigmond: You know how is difficult sometimes make a film

Newbab Zsigmond: can you take off your object please

SaveMe Oh: I could help you

Newbab Zsigmond: it’s too big

Newbab Zsigmond: The person who make the film ask me you take it off

SaveMe Oh: He is allowed to use the image

Newbab Zsigmond: but he can view everybody

Newbab Zsigmond: he can’t

SaveMe Oh: avatars are not important

SaveMe Oh: a message is

Newbab Zsigmond: Yes but only yours

Newbab Zsigmond: ?

SaveMe Oh: you are the last one I answer questions to, as you are only interested in your own. And when you can’t get it your way you exclude people

Newbab Zsigmond: that’s what you think, not reality

SaveMe Oh: you never give me proof to think otherwise

Newbab Zsigmond: because we don’t listen and you don’t want to see

SaveMe Oh: You don’t have to listen to me, I don’t have to listen to you, could be a great team

Newbab Zsigmond: well for the moment this is not the question. If you want we can talk about another time how we can tolerate each

SaveMe Oh: when you lift all your bans and stop removing my movies I detach the item. simple, not?

Newbab Zsigmond: no blackmail please

SaveMe Oh: you ask me something, iask you something

Newbab Zsigmond: yes, blackmail

SaveMe Oh: no, i don’t force you, and i can’t force you and i never will force you

SaveMe Oh: I dont use your methods

Newbab Zsigmond: my methods ?

SaveMe Oh: and tell the moviemaker he can mute my item

SaveMe Oh: yes your methods

SaveMe Oh: for me you are a person who wants to be the boss

SaveMe Oh: not an art lover

Newbab Zsigmond: You judge another time

SaveMe Oh: I already judge, but i always hope I’m wrong

SaveMe Oh: but in your case, no sign of change

Newbab Zsigmond: but we respect your presence here, we don’t say nothing about

SaveMe Oh: I know, but I am almost sure that you would love to eject me

Newbab Zsigmond: you’re wrong

Just at that moment the simowner ejects me

SaveMe Oh: so who did just now?

SaveMe Oh: for sure you say now: I don’t know

Newbab Zsigmond: I only want we can cohabit

Newbab Zsigmond: what ?

SaveMe Oh: they just ejected me

SaveMe Oh: ok

SaveMe Oh: you can be happy now

SaveMe Oh: succeeded again

Newbab Zsigmond: Well I not the owner here, he ask me to ask you remove your object

SaveMe Oh: typical he asks you, don’t you think?

SaveMe Oh: he didn’t ask me personally, don’t even know who the owner is

Newbab Zsigmond: It’s a sim PG, he don’t want this

SaveMe Oh: self censorship at the fighters for gay rights, there is a long way to go

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