Fuck A Linden

Now the Linden are losing their income because big companies and shops are leaving secondlife by the dozen the artists are the new target for some income correction for Linden with too high mortgages. At once they are too willing to show up at all kind of award show events to hand over the awards and price money. Torley Linden at the UWA contest, Blondin Linden at the 2009 M.A.G. machinima guild award. And all artists crawling at their feet as cheap whores. Now the Linden launched a plan to help the artists (read: to help their wallet) the artwhores of SL are tumbling over each other in the Linden Blog to unfold their plans and to let the Linden already know who are great artists and who are unemployed losers playing the artist.

Let’s hope the real artists will use secondlife only as their canvas on which they are creating great things for the moment, until other canvasses turn up. Keeping their independence as their first commitment.

When the Linden are real artlovers they create an open sim, with free land for everybody, free uploads and possibilities. The world they created is good and strong enough to have a place on the WWW next to facebook, twitter and google. When those nurds do it smart enough they will still be able to generate a nice income, but please, don’t pretend you are into arts now, and please artists who prostitiute themselves before a Linden, go back to the early days of SL and do some poledancing with a tipjar at your feet.

7 thoughts on “Fuck A Linden

  1. Most people start by fucking the lindens friends then work themselves up, usually it’s cole who’s only tallent is to sing like a dying cat and feed textures into a machine but she knows linden so texture her pretty and go places.すべての事の日本人と性交することは助けるも

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