Josina Once Said …

Josina Burgess: but we will not cick her out of Carp

Medora Chevalier: Hi Josi – we lost one of our sims because of SaveMe Oh’s work at Carp. I dont like it or think it fits but I would defend your right to present it

Josina Burgess: you lost a sim?

Medora Chevalier: the big future of weather one, it was given by UTSA. But saveme oh went with a model of two people fucking her yesteray to their opening

Josina Burgess: yes i know

Medora Chevalier: its PG – parental guidance – for students

Medora Chevalier: then they realised she was still part of the festival

Josina Burgess: i read the whole conversation

Medora Chevalier: they’ve been IMing me all day but I was performing and organising

Josina Burgess: she changed her outfit didnt she?

Medora Chevalier: most people from core team have gone but for me – I cant stand her work – its not imagining a beuatiful future. But I would never back censorship becasue some institution was offended

Josina Burgess: at the show tomorrow she did a great job

Medora Chevalier: so they’ve gone

Medora Chevalier: well all those dead UN people with sticks thro their penises

Josina Burgess: i cannot speak for her , because I was not there

Medora Chevalier: not like “imagine there’s no countries”

Medora Chevalier: no in the show

Josina Burgess: artists are always seeking for something to get attention from the crowed. They do it one way or another, goal is to get peoples attention on a subject they are bussy with, sometinmes a political mesage or a message of their own

Josina Burgess: she showed us the way she apeared

Medora Chevalier: its all attention with her

Josina Burgess: then my question was; What when you should have shown up with a guy stabbing you with a knife and blood all over

Medora Chevalier: still a principle only matters if you hold it for the most unattractive of the people you defend lol

Josina Burgess: it seems  that as soon  there is a hint that smells like sex the puritans are faling over each other to shout; Shame , Shame

Medora Chevalier: well the sim thing ws silly – she knew she’d be banned – sh hadnt had a headline for ages

Medora Chevalier: then she attacked the festival for it

Josina Burgess: when they appear like devils, or skeletons  covered in blood nobody yells

Medora Chevalier: but the work is out of the dark bitter side we’ve been trying to get people to move out of

Medora Chevalier: but it was not us curating

Josina Burgess: well i was not there and dont know what her intentions are. I just can speak for myself.

Josina Burgess: I am very sorry that this is happened

Josina Burgess: but we will not cick her out of Carp

Medora Chevalier: well – sometimes there are differences

Josina Burgess: yes  there are

Medora Chevalier: of course not – unless she misbehaves there

Josina Burgess: here she is peace itsself

Medora Chevalier: especially between US and Europe fundamental principles

Josina Burgess: europeans for all the dutch (i think) are more crazy then the rest of europe:)

Josina Burgess: well she got what every artist wants:) she is the Talk of the Town lol

Medora Chevalier: well – that’s easy – we could all do what she did

Josina Burgess: we are not her

Medora Chevalier: if headlines were what we wanted without regard to any consequences

Josina Burgess: did you personally talk with her/

Medora Chevalier: no, I’ve been busy with the festival and then had this intensely pushy discussion trying to get me to cut her out of the festival

Josina Burgess: pushed from others?

Medora Chevalier: oh yes all day!

Josina Burgess: öthers”have no say

Medora Chevalier: well only against me they pulled out because I wouldnt push you lol

Josina Burgess: they must know that save me is an artist that works on her own and  when she  misbehaves”in other peoples eyes and is not sticking  to the “rules”they have set up, and they Own the sim, they are very well intitled to cick her out or ban her

Josina Burgess: She accepted that.

Medora Chevalier: they didnt want to be asociated with anything with her in it ie Imagine fest

Josina Burgess: For me  I have no troubles whatsoever with her, she collaborates greatly, makes  interesting projects, has something to say

Josina Burgess: and when that is nor suiting some people they can, shout and push whatever  and how much they want to me, I will not ban or cick her out

Medora Chevalier: no -of course not. I just dont like negative work except when it really tells things well, but thats my taste

Josina Burgess: ithe ways of an artist are not always easy to understand like not every book is easy to read. Still true artists are clearing the road for  the ones  coming later, this always was and will be in history. And yes they shock sometimes and cick a lot of asses, thats why they  are artists. they follow no “rules”they have no message on what people think or find, they go their own way.

Josina Burgess: what would happen with the world when there would be only artists that nicely do what the crowd thinks?

Medora Chevalier: yes – I just believe more people are won round by vision that shocked into thinking diffrently

Medora Chevalier: but shock is needed sometimes

Josina Burgess: very much so

Josina Burgess: it was was i did when i was a protest singer

Josina Burgess: my records were banned from the radio

Josina Burgess: because I used the word ‘Rape”

Medora Chevalier: aw Josi – you must have been singing out of tune !

Medora Chevalier: LOL

Josina Burgess: lol

Josina Burgess: so when soemthing like this happens i am right on the barricades to defend  atrists, even when I  myself would not  apreciate the work. I would never listenm to what “people”say

Medora Chevalier: yep – well it seems that’s where I am too after running the national campaign for the arts I could never let art be kicked out for controversy

Josina Burgess: yes, so its a storm in a glass of water. as usual. After tomorrow they find something else to be shocked about and make a fuzz over that:)

Medora Chevalier: despite my personal taste sorry to have lost the 10 artists tho

Medora Chevalier: wonder if they agree?

Josina Burgess: in the meantime they probably  squeeze the cat in the dark:0

Medora Chevalier: dont know that one 🙂

Josina Burgess: its a dutch say:  means, they do things save me showedm but do that in the dark and hidden

Josina Burgess: when its about murder, weapons or such things its all allright

Medora Chevalier: yes I hate that

Josina Burgess: when there is a taste of s.e. x they fall over each others feet to point fingers ans scream eeek

Josina Burgess: is that hypocrit or what?

Medora Chevalier: well- I recognise hte tendency

Medora Chevalier: but I think it was that the “work” was exhinited in a PG area. In this case it was the depiction of violence they were offended by

Josina Burgess: yes , I had to ask what PG was, I did not know that, and save me agreed she made a mistake here

Josina Burgess: she was tp’d over there and just was bussy making those guys and just finished, she went  like she was

Josina Burgess: and then found out it was this opening

Josina Burgess: she did send me the whole converstion that took place and she started to change her outfit when they asked

Medora Chevalier: I saw her but didnt see what it was wrapped round her lol

Josina Burgess: but the rezzijng was slow and took some time

Medora Chevalier: I need my eyes tyesting – too many hours in sl

Josina Burgess: then they banned her

Medora Chevalier: I saw on her website

Josina Burgess: then she came back, (and that is save me) as a nun, with 5 monks, then they banned her again

Medora Chevalier: what was wrong with the monks?

Josina Burgess: i think the nun with munks thing was in fact very funny

Josina Burgess: well maybe  also that was shocking lol

Josina Burgess: she kicked religion now

Medora Chevalier: well so did john lennon – imagine there’s no haven

Josina Burgess: many dont listen to the words well

Josina Burgess: they make their own stories

Josina Burgess: dont be bothered by it medora. like i said, next week there is something else they are scremaing about

Medora Chevalier: I wonder what people like Artistide, Sabrinaa, UB think

Josina Burgess: but she writes sl history thats for sure

8 thoughts on “Josina Once Said …

  1. Rose, from Two Fish adopted me, as did the Odyssee people, Miso kissed up with me, ColeMarie became my friend, Dan offered me a space, HP came back from the open sim to help me out, and Pol invited me to the sim of his friend Minerva where is my work too, Dekka invited me, as did Louise Portillo, as did Tina and Ampel. Just stay tuned or visit my roadshow. Nobody can stop me, or it must be my rl avatar!!!! But me and all my alts are trying hard.

    • Who said Josina is bad?? Not me. I only show what she said. That doesn’t mean I don’t love her. It’s you I don’t love because you are much worse.

  2. “…. its not imagining a beuatiful future” Oh yes there is the grounds for witch-hunting. SL is for denial and self-deception only?

    Is that in the TOS? I could never be bothered reading all that fine print …. can they screw me like a bank does?

  3. It might be possible that you writes sl history-that’s-for-sure.
    But Josina et al. are writing some of sl worst pages-that’s-for-sure-too

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