Where Are The Times Pirates Didn’t Need Lawyers?

One day, during an Oberon Omura exhibition, 3 members of Pirats were nice enough to keep on dancing in secondlife one hour, while I was all the time punching them in order to record a satirical movie. In the movie you see one pixelate avi punching another pixelate avi. Like Tom beating Jerry or Willie Coyote hunting Roadrunner. After release of this funny movie the PIRATS start a crusade against me and my movie to get it removed everywhere. They are the true exponents of “art lovers” without any sense of humour. Now judge yourself. Is this violent, is this harassment or defamation. Are they now famous????? Would you call your lawyer?
My lawyer is living on the Canarias Islands and is very lazy or having fights with again another new boyfriend. Sole Jie, where are you?

Watch the movie here:

This the host recieved:

I must inform you that you host on your server on websites almere.org and dial.nl a video made by a person calling herself Saveme Oh.

This video show a violent attack to our nonprofit organization for Art.
I’m president of Pirats Art Network, a French registered nonprofit organization (#W1 1100144 Préfecture de l’Aude – France).

SaveMe Oh use a modified Pirats Art Network registered logo to denigrate our registered French nonprofit organization for Art.
– She said “Pirats Sad Network” in place of “Pirats Art Network”.
– She threats Merlina Rokocoko and Newbab Zsigmond that are our artists names registered at French fiscal administration.

It’s a copyright violation and a defamation.

Our website : http://www.pirats-art-network.org
SaveMe Oh website : https://savemeoh.wordpress.com/

It’s not the first time she harass someone or one community, Vimeo.com, MySpace, Youtube and others removed the same video on their website for defamation, associating us as a fascist group.
We must inform you that we contact French authorities and our lawyer for a legal action against her and all persons or organizations that promote this, for copyright violation, defamation and harassment.

Jean-Marc Larroque
Pirats Art Network

4 thoughts on “Where Are The Times Pirates Didn’t Need Lawyers?

  1. your lazy lawyer is bussy fighting with anothers.. sorry me girl.. these guys i supose dont have nothing better to do in life.. and they have tons of lindens dollars to spend in real lawyers to fight against pixells.. life is so sillyyyyyy…. if you see a tom and jerry film nobody feel scared. but if you hit a tons of pixels with falses names you must be a bad person. really.. thats sooooooo silly. they want free publicity and youa are giving them what they want. the day that SL desapear they had spent tons of lindens in NOTHING.. funy thing.. you win again. LMAO

  2. really if a guy enter in my office telling me that want to denunce a girl called SAVEME OH in SL cause she made a silly film like that i can laugh for a week or so.. but HEY take care. there are persons for everything in life. and i am sure they will find a lawyer withough sence of humor.. thats life, even the second one.. but the cuestion issss. they will iniciate criminal laws????. for hurts????.. any doctor can sign that????… or civils?? they had lost something with that fillm??? money???.. how much?? who can say that???.. or maybe honour actions?? exist any honour hurted with that film??,. how many people saw that film?? how many persons know that organization and think after see that film that they are fascits???.. can they prove that???. how?? to say “Pirats Sad Network” is criminal???.. is the word SAD a crime???.. is the honour hurted with that word?? to hit a bunch of pixels is a threat??? in wich country???… OMG girl… i am busy fighting with real persons.. if they pay them for the laughs PLEASE.

  3. Dear Sole,

    I my darkest ours of fear of being deported to a French jail like ALCATRAZ you lightend up my life again. Thats why you are my one and only lawyer. I feel completeley free again to say to all PIRATS, lick my ass!!!!
    And you, my dear Sole will be the first person I will invite for IDIOTS – The Fools Network. You will be member of honour without the obligation to wear an armbandage.

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