What To Do With Female Affection?

After I got rid of loads of male stalkers now the older woman found me. Almost in the same week I was banned from CARP two modern mother Theresa’s closed me in their arms, begging me to marry them. But soon came the conditions, Rose Borchovski loves me deeply but prefers not to host my homage for the Pirats Art Network. Fau Ferdinand, who tells me every day she loves me loves to host the Pirats homage but has objections against my other homage for DanCoyote Antonelli. And who was the reason of my latest problems with Pirats??? Yes, Rose Borchovski!

Rose and SaveMe at a Pirats platform

And who told me all the secrets about DanCoyote? Yes, Fau Ferdinand!

SaveMe and Fau gossiping about DanCoyote

And to make everything even worse, Josina Burgess removed me from her friends list. Where are the times of unconditional love? Is there maybe out there a woman or man, more of a normal young age who would like to stage my 3 platforms? Homage to the Linden, homage to the Pirats Art Network and homage to DanCoyote Antonelli?

5 thoughts on “What To Do With Female Affection?

  1. Ampel, you won’t believe it but a secret swedish organisation contacted me about this all. Hope to have good news soon.

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