Independent Artists Crushed By Simowners

More and more poor skilled simowners find themselves more important than the artist they host. In the beginning they keep up an image of being art lovers who love to host the works from various artists, but the turning point has come where the simowners wants the audience to focus on themselves and expect compliments for their good Samaritan behaviour. The ones who saw the poor painting ability of Merlina Rokocoko (PIRATS) or Josina Burgess (CARP) compared with the exposure they create for themselves must agree that is pure injustice that those amateurs decide who is in or out of the SL art scène. Of course it comes always down to the point that the one who pays decide, but it’s a sad development. Now they are all day busy tagging themselves in the most boring movies in the metaverse, the ones who are of openings of exhibitions. PIRATS produce this bullshit weekly, so a hell of a lot tagging to do, CARP is a little less frequent as they are the champions of reproduction, remakes of The Wall or Metropolis, done over and over again, and the openings, just as PIRATS, always the same ritual. At PIRATS nobody looks at the artwork as it is a sad market of 100 “artists” a week, where it is obligate to say coucou to Newbab Zsigmond or Merlina Rokocoko. In Carp you are not forced to say hello to Josina Burgess or Velazquez Bonetto but you have to wear sunglasses as they love to crush you under a firestorm of floating screensavers and particles from which they love to take millions of pics. And of course Josina expect you to accept her invitation to join her dancehud. That means floating like a hippie thru her texture bombardment.

The space an artist is given is also always of the same boring construction, the labyrinth tree structure of PIRATS, where an artist almost can’t present any work, is holy like the sacred grey wander fields of CARP. The simowners of both places think they invented the Columbus egg.

Al those developments, together with the sad contests organized everywhere by simowners too lazy to do themselves some work make the environment in which artists have to do their work a business of artwhores who listen as dogs to their bosses.

It’s time for a league of artists who decide themselves where and under what conditions they present their work, not controlled by simowners or secondlife owners who tell them what to make, in what colors, and how big.

OMG….did I really write that down??? Of course it’s only a scream for attention from a sad avatar that lost all credibility (quote from Debbie Trilling). I am begging on my knees…please Merlina and Josina, close me in your arms again, please…I need a mother.

3 thoughts on “Independent Artists Crushed By Simowners

  1. probably why so many people have their own land… join us! outside the “art” world and into the new way. the good way. the way ahead. fuck big art.

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