Josina’s Erection – Or How A Second SaveMe Oh Clone Was Banned

SaveMe Oh: hi saveme

SaveMe Osmus: Hi SaveMe

Aloisio Congrejo: hi save

SaveMe Oh: this is art saveme

SaveMe Osmus: its grey

SaveMe Oh: its grey art

SaveMe Osmus: thats very nice to the colors

SaveMe Oh: i think the grey is a statement

SaveMe Osmus: It’s nice for the avatars to wear grey also

Tani Thor: 3 floors of Josina’s art…:o)))

SaveMe Oh: so here you can find all people together who think they are important in secondlife, saveme

Merlina Rokocoko: Applllleeee shuuuuuuuu 🙂

SaveMe Osmus: doesn’t everyone think that SaveMe?

Merlina Rokocoko: hallo Vela

SaveMe Oh: that Merlina, for example

SaveMe Oh: most think it SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: only we know it

SaveMe Oh: to the french is better to say coucou

SaveMe Osmus: How does one get important in Second Life SaveMe?

SaveMe Oh: bye organising as much events as you can, saveme

SaveMe Osmus: coucou

SaveMe Oh: and then make a machinima out of it and put it on facebook, with lot of tags

Kikas Babenco: Hello SaveMe! (s)

SaveMe Osmus: tags are important SaveMe?

SaveMe Oh: so all the ones who think they are important can find eachother easy

Velazquez Bonetto: Hi Sca

SaveMe Oh: you dont look at the art actually

Sca Shilova: hi vela

SaveMe Oh: you only say coucou

SaveMe Osmus: if everyone is imortant then who is unimportant?

SaveMe Oh: the audience

SaveMe Oh: but the audience doesnt exist anymore as everybody is an artist now

Merlina Rokocoko: hello artava

Josina Burgess schreeuwt: heeey merlinaaaaa:))

SaveMe Osmus: I am important now?

Merlina Rokocoko schreeuwt: I try to go up Josiiiiiiiii

SaveMe Osmus: I am important but I don’t have art

SaveMe Osmus: I have lindens

SaveMe Oh: you are SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: you are art

SaveMe Osmus: I have a blog

SaveMe Osmus: i have pictures of my cat

SaveMe Oh: just by being you are art

SaveMe Osmus: I am art but I am not for sale

SaveMe Oh: thats our advantage

SaveMe Oh: we never sell

SaveMe Oh: we dont need

SaveMe Osmus: I have a monkey skin hat

SaveMe Osmus: If you sell art you must pander to somebody

SaveMe Osmus: do we pander sister SaveMe?

SaveMe Oh: so lets see what ugly stuff Josina made this time

SaveMe Oh: I fear the worsed

SaveMe Oh: but maybe she surprises us

Josina Burgess: te veel lag

SaveMe Oh: debbie darling

Debbie Trilling: Hiya SaveMe

SaveMe Osmus: where is the art SaveMe?

SaveMe Oh: may I again give you a complimant for your beautifull dancing, debbie?

SaveMe Oh: cant find it

SaveMe Oh: hey Elodie

SaveMe Osmus: I see some lovely erections

Debbie Trilling: ofc SaveMe, and may I compliement you on your lovely teletubbies

SaveMe Oh: do they ejaculate?

Debbie Trilling: lol

SaveMe Oh: is it mature here?

SaveMe Oh: hope so

SaveMe Osmus: mature art is for mature

SaveMe Oh: you think we are too young saveme, to understand this?

Velazquez Bonetto schreeuwt: hiiiii Elfod

SaveMe Osmus: I hope so

Elfod Nemeth: hi debs, thanks for the invite

SaveMe Osmus: once I understand I am closed

Velazquez Bonetto: ah all saveme is here hallo

SaveMe Oh: let me introduce you to the leading artists in sl

SaveMe Oh: yes, maybe we should bow

SaveMe Osmus: I don’t

SaveMe Oh: me neither

SaveMe Osmus: I don’t pander nor bow

SaveMe Oh: so have a look around , this is art

SaveMe Osmus: I see a picture in a box

SaveMe Oh: also photoshoppers need a chance

SaveMe Osmus: and i see particles

SaveMe Osmus: i see 4 lovely erections

SaveMe Osmus: I am about to find out the story of why they are art

SaveMe Oh: they are rotating

SaveMe Oh: pulsating

SaveMe Oh: prim

SaveMe Osmus: rotate does not make art

SaveMe Oh: are you sure?

SaveMe Oh: I thought it was a rule?

SaveMe Osmus: well I am not important but i dont think so

SaveMe Osmus: glow maybe?

SaveMe Oh: me neither, but I thought so

SaveMe Oh: but when I was on school there where no metaverse artbooks yet

SaveMe Osmus: I believe the proper combination of glow, rotate and particles leads to art

SaveMe Oh: yes, maybe

SaveMe Oh: a little scirpt maybe?

SaveMe Osmus: but art needs words to support it

SaveMe Osmus: i dont see the words

SaveMe Oh: especially when the French also have to understand it

Aloisio Congrejo ejected you from this land.

SaveMe Oh: so this was your first eject

SaveMe Oh: haha

SaveMe Oh: you are banned from the land darling

SaveMe Oh: did you crash?

SaveMe Osmus: yes

SaveMe Oh: they banned you

SaveMe Osmus: we didnt say anything

SaveMe Oh: just the name SaveMe is enough

SaveMe Osmus: well it was fun

SaveMe Oh: isnt it?

SaveMe Oh: and our group will grow

SaveMe Osmus: yes we will be grand critics

SaveMe Oh: they will tremble

SaveMe Oh: if we come or not

SaveMe Osmus: oh they will

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