Avatar Hi-Jacked part 2

As the rl owner of a certain avatar was a few days out of town I took again the oportunity to hi-jack his avatar. With the following chat as result.

*** ********: Hi Igor

Igor Ballyhoo: hello man

Igor Ballyhoo: how ar u

*** ********: im fine, you?

Igor Ballyhoo: I am good too

Igor Ballyhoo: what is new

*** ********: My avatar is hi jacked

Igor Ballyhoo: ???

*** ********: https://savemeoh.wordpress.com/2010/04/12/avatar-hi-jacked/

*** ********: by SaveMe

Igor Ballyhoo: what happens

*** ********: she stole me

Igor Ballyhoo: hijacked how

*** ********: She uses my avatar

Igor Ballyhoo: ***, how she stole u

*** ********: Dont know how

Igor Ballyhoo: did u contact LL?

*** ********: She is from Linden herself, didn’t you know?

Igor Ballyhoo: no, and I dont believe that

*** ********: I think she is a sort of testperson

Igor Ballyhoo: that is serious violation of TOS

Igor Ballyhoo: law is same for anyone

Igor Ballyhoo: and LL made law

*** ********: I have the feeling they use her to get some kind of info out

Igor Ballyhoo: she cant give them info when everyone stay away from her

Igor Ballyhoo: btw

Igor Ballyhoo: if she hijack ur avi

Igor Ballyhoo: how do I know who is using ur account now?

*** ********: I guess you can’t

*** ********: it makes me crazy

Igor Ballyhoo: who introduced u and me?

*** ********: Josina

Igor Ballyhoo: no she didn’t

*** ********: So then it’s not me I guess

*** ********: Im falling in a personality crisis.

Igor Ballyhoo: this is shit, I would like to believe it is ***  there but he would know who introduced us

*** ********: I will ask him

Igor Ballyhoo: I will send this moment report to LL with copy of this chat

*** ********: ok

4 thoughts on “Avatar Hi-Jacked part 2

  1. My deepest sympathy to Dan Yapungku, man who willingly geave his account to be abused for purpose of griefing his “friends”. Man, you spitt on name of AuraKyo who introduced you to me as good person.

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