Aging Italian Psycho Hippies Meeting

SaveMe Oh: what is this bullshit?

SaveMe Oh: hippie meeting?

Mind Clarity: benvenuta saveme

SaveMe Oh: do i have to stand on my head?

SaveMe Oh: or drink green tea?

Patrizia Blessed: I do not see much relevance between the beginning and the end is one of those spots are difficult to interpret

SaveMe Oh: dont you people have better thinks to do? Like kicking Silvio out?

Bennaker Randwick: lol

SaveMe Oh: [13:47]  Mind Clarity: è una serata di analisi degli spot… think I understand that dead language???

SaveMe Oh: so who I have to analyze?

Kristine Lowey: lol

SaveMe Oh: you all look losers to me as you are Italian

SaveMe Oh: all Italians are hiding in sl

SaveMe Oh: because they dont dare to face their reality in rl

SaveMe Oh: [13:53] Bennaker Randwick: SaveMe Oh, please…

SaveMe Oh: please what?

Patrizia Blessed: questo è uno SPETTACOLO di creatività

SaveMe Oh: [13:53] Mind Clarity: save, we are working, please

SaveMe Oh: im working too

SaveMe Oh: i get invited in an art group

Bennaker Randwick: è una gran rompicoglioni, arcinota in SL…

SaveMe Oh: and i find myself end up between a group of aging hippies

Bennaker Randwick: st’artisti..

SaveMe Oh: why you dont lock yourself up

SaveMe Oh: instead of inviting me

Adelchi Rossini: Save datte na chiodata

SaveMe Oh: or other artists?

SaveMe Oh: you think we have nothing better to do

SaveMe Oh: then see this sad happenings?

SaveMe Oh: you should pay me for my waste of time

paolino Szczepanski ejected and banned you from this land.

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