Remember 15 February 2010?

1.You have to remove the hatefull and vindictive video you made about Pirats.

2.We expect a apology for this video.

3.You will be disrupted from CARP/Diabolus for 3 months, you will not be able to rez, or have any exhibitions on Diabolus, with the warning that when you come back you have to behave as a human being and put your personal vendetta’s aside.

 Josina Burgess/Josina den Burger

Velazquez Bonetto/ Laszlo Oerdoegh

3 months after 15 february is 15 may, so I was expecting to be unbanned and received with open arms back in CARP, but I could try as much as I want, no answer, only complete ignorance.

I am afraid we have again found a group of owners who are liars and only want to stare at their own bellybutton.

And instead of open up they banned also my 36 sisters. On behalve of Josina and Velazquez I apologise to them for their arbitrariness.

[2010/05/15 15:13]  SaveMe Oh: Hi Vela

[2010/05/15 15:23]  SaveMe Oh: Hoi Josina

[2010/05/16 14:12]  SaveMe Oh: Hi Vela

[2010/05/16 14:18]  SaveMe Oh: Hoi Josina

[2010/05/17 13:01]  SaveMe Oh: Hi Vela

[2010/05/17 13:12]  SaveMe Oh: Hoi Josina

[2010/05/18 13:39]  SaveMe Oh: Hi Vela

[2010/05/18 14:19]  SaveMe Oh: Hoi Josina

[2010/05/19 15:21]  SaveMe Oh: Hi Vela

[2010/05/19 13:34]  SaveMe Oh: Hoi Josina

[2010/05/20 15:47]  SaveMe Oh: Hi Vela

[2010/05/20 15:09]  SaveMe Oh: Hoi Josina

[2010/05/21 14:12]  SaveMe Oh: Hi Vela

[2010/05/21 14:44]  SaveMe Oh: Hoi Josina

[2010/05/22 13:58]  SaveMe Oh: Hi Vela

[2010/05/22 13:19]  SaveMe Oh: Hoi Josina

[2010/05/23 13:12]  SaveMe Oh: Hi Vela

[2010/05/23 14:11]  SaveMe Oh: Hoi Josina

[2010/05/24 15:54]  SaveMe Oh: Hi Vela

[2010/05/24 13:33]  SaveMe Oh: Hoi Josina

[2010/05/25 13:26]  SaveMe Oh: Hi Vela

[2010/05/25 13:09]  SaveMe Oh: Hoi Josina

[2010/05/26 13:42]  SaveMe Oh: Hi Vela

[2010/05/26 14:17]  SaveMe Oh: Hoi Josina

[2010/05/27 15:22]  SaveMe Oh: Hi Vela

[2010/05/27 13:46]  SaveMe Oh: Hoi Josina

One thought on “Remember 15 February 2010?

  1. I logged in with SaveMe Oddson and wanted to visit CARP/Diabolus since I thought I would be in a more peaceful mood with an avatar that hasn’t a huge friend-list. Plus she’s pretty and nice with people.

    [14:11] You have been teleported home by the object ‘Object’ on the parcel ‘Diabolus art space’.
    [14:11] Teleport completed from

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