Guantanamo CARP, Banned For Eternity

to SaveMe Oh,

This to let you know that CARP has decided to keep your banning stand and well for eternity.
After all the provoces, crazy behaving, childish herassments, spoiling openings and totaly chysophrenic behaviour of this avatar we think we really have no need to let this avatar take part in any of the productions or events of CARP/Diabolus.

For us the SaveMe OH avatar no longer exists, and thats final.


Josina Burgess
Velazquez Bonetto

Us in happier times:

21 thoughts on “Guantanamo CARP, Banned For Eternity

  1. You are a more or less educated person, savee. Google up principles of organization within selforganized systems and you will find yourself as the eliminated disruption.
    Both Vela and Josy have shown many times remarkable competence in performingexactly the other option to deal with disruption, which is integration.
    To me C.A.R.P constitutes in The Manax Story.

    Regarding Flower– he needed a real friend, me guesses.

  2. Feel to have the autority to punish, judge, ban, convict for eternity because you are in power of something? Don’t see a big difference. Ah yes, in Guantanamo they don’t get the luxery of muting as my so called judges could do so easily.

  3. the only self announced judge in here is you, savee.
    the rest either protects themselves from you or join in for entertainmanet.

  4. I judge without conditions, it’s called an opinion. And with opinions you can do what you want, agree or ignore.

  5. Dear Savey–your opinion certainly is subjective, but what you refer to as being “also a subjective opinion” is not an opinion but a (logically false) comparison.

    I anyway do wish you the best. You can get off that sad role– given its a role.

  6. Well if it is the acting on stage that is the drama in lack of content I would advise you to not use the word ‘logic’ or even the expression ‘false logic’ at all.

  7. Im happy not to need your advice at all as I have not any intention to become as good and smart as you or become your next puppy. Raise Flower good and you did enough to make the world a better place.

  8. I have raised a puppy. I am happy beginning to think she might complete her 16th year in August. I have been there at her birth and she keeps walking. She has not been driven over, she has not died from eaten poison and I owe her a lot.

    Flower is no puppy. As he himself put on his by now not existant webspace himself, he is a young man in his twenties, who–as I have asked him yesterday when he came home from work–has gotten up on his feet again.

    Howsoever, Savey, have you ever rotated a particle?

  9. Talking about feels– noone would feel a need to show being smarter than you if you had not claimed being the smartest.

    Me personally I don’t care about definitions of art for the subject matter itself. Definitions of art to me are valuable sources to get into concepts of culture. Therefore it doesn’t matter to me whether people in SL call me an artist or not. When I once found myself being referred to as an artist in an official paperin RL I got angry because I never presented myself as such. Neither here nor there.

    Screensavers mostly are based on what I create in SL. It’s pure visualized maths that I combine with visualizations of pure physics for the simple reason that I enjoy doing it. Sharing that wth people mulitplies the fun factor.

    The difference to what you perform is, my performances are about physics and maths–at least in sum regards at least–and your performances are about a yelling avatar whose content creations mostly are about not being loved.

    I haven’t rly seen any other content by yourzz truely yet, but I trust in Velazquez.
    There must be something otherwise he had not supported you. He might have been just wrong tho of course also.

  10. May I take you on a tour then? To show you some things? After that you can always continue saying that everybody can do this. And maybe it’s just what gives me fun like others love pure visualized maths combined with visualizations of pure physics.
    I will not deny everybodies right on personal fun but my hobby is to put a pin in airballoons. And you are more then welcome to put one in mine.

  11. You mean everybody can do what “SL artists” can do but noone can do what the SaveMe Oh can do?

    If you stick a needle in a balloon all you get is thin air and a bit of plastic.
    I’m not interested in thin air and bits of plastic, sry.

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