What Or Who You Think I Am, I Am!

Olga Wunderlich: Hey tell me, is it true you and DanCoyote Antonelli are the same person?

SaveMe Oh: Yes

Olga Wunderlich: Interesting I would have never guessed

SaveMe Oh: How you found out?

Olga Wunderlich: well, remember I was present when Eifachfilm had the fight with you, and you said yes, when he asked you.

Olga Wunderlich: Do you feel you are kind of a diferent person being SaveMe?

SaveMe Oh: compared with being DC or in rl?

Olga Wunderlich: well I do not know about RL; but compared with DC, maybe both

SaveMe Oh: All alts are different for me

Olga Wunderlich: well of course

SaveMe Oh: Last week people asked me if I was Fau Ferdinand, if I was Rose Borchovski or if I was DanCoyote Antonelli. They even ask me if I am the real SaveMe Oh. What if the answer on all questions was yes? Would it be a problem? Or if the answer is no, would that be the end of the world?

What is identity anyway?

5 thoughts on “What Or Who You Think I Am, I Am!

  1. I have facial recognition identity on my laptop. The last time I logged on with it, it didn’t recognize me. Does that mean my identity has changed? Has my avatar stolen my identity?

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