If Your Remake Sucks, Better Make A Copy

The Wall from CARP, redone for the fourth time, bigger, more tastefull then ever they say, but it’s just like a BigMac XXL, after you taste it you get sick and have to puke.

Josina Burgess: ty for coming you all!

Josina Burgess: it helped a lot to have you here

SaveMe Oh: it was lovely

SaveMe Oh: Leni Riefenstahl would be proud of you all, what a megalomaniac, bombastic, simplistic work, but the dances from the old fairies that are there to distract from the subject danced great like always

Velazquez Bonetto: I love Leni Riefenstahl, she was a very innovative filmmaker

SaveMe Oh: Yes, already feared that

Ataro Asbrink: leni was better than saveme

Clovis Luik: her politics were misguided but she did know how to use lighting well

Clovis Luik: at least within the context of her time period

Velazquez Bonetto: yepp unfortunately

Ataro Asbrink: “the blue light”, a wonderful film, together with bela balasz

SaveMe Oh: But I was not revearing to the techincal side, but to the bombastic, megalomanic message that was hidden in that technics

Ataro Asbrink: eisenstein did the same for stalin

Velazquez Bonetto: yes you have right the pink floyd has megalomanic bombastic message

SaveMe Oh: but it was clear

Velazquez Bonetto: and great technics

SaveMe Oh: how about your message?

Clovis Luik: the message was a seduction for the masses

SaveMe Oh: how I should read Josinas dancing with the Pink Floyd message?

Josina Burgess: was great to see you came with so many

Velazquez Bonetto: some understand the message other not, it is milieu question

SaveMe Oh: could you explain it for the more stupid people like me?

SaveMe Oh: and for the ones banned behind walls or bars?

Velazquez Bonetto: not necessary SaveMe you are not stupid and you understand well the message

SaveMe Oh: I understand the message from THE WALL, but I find it a little being abused here

Velazquez Bonetto: thats your problem

SaveMe Oh: messages killed because technics are obvious more important

SaveMe Oh: I think thats a pity

SaveMe Oh: more is not better in this case

Velazquez Bonetto: all have right to decide that it is more or not, you also, no problem

SaveMe Oh: it was a rehearsal, my advice is to stop, and watch the DVD of Pink Floyd again

SaveMe Oh: and when you feel the need to do a remake, better make a copy

3 thoughts on “If Your Remake Sucks, Better Make A Copy

  1. I asked myself the same questions as SaveMe asks.

    And in addition to that I think it is very conventionally staged in the end with the lonely guitarplayer/singer Junivers high up on a podium and the dancers far below…

    As an audience you can not take in the whole scene, you have to look at the individual avas one or a couple at a time.
    So the masseffect does not work… if you back the camera and get the whole picture the look just like ants, nothing more.
    Put them all up close to Juni instead. His person is not important, his song is.

  2. SaveMe Oh: again this link is missing, Josina…. https://savemeoh.wordpress.com/2010/06/05/if-your-remake-sucks-better-make-a-copy/
    Josina Burgess: old news judging to fast to soon about a rehearsel that was just for proving the balnce of the sim and if tp’s are working, and Not the final performance,and coming from a yelaous mind , has no value at all have no value
    SaveMe Oh: its not up to you to judge if my opinion has value, people can decide that themselves
    Cleo Collins: We heard you the first time SaveMe
    Josina Burgess: like i said, coming from a yelous mind, prejudging and not having seen the real thing, has no value
    SaveMe Oh: [13:36] Josina Burgess: You have been ejected from ‘Art Gallery Diabolus’ by Josina Burgess.
    Cleo Collins: /applaudes
    SaveMe Oh: censorship is not easy for makers of THE WALL
    SaveMe Oh: sorry Josina, SL is acting strange today
    Josina Burgess: we will continue doing so\
    SaveMe Oh: making the WALL or censor people?

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