The SaveMe Oh Manifesto


I wish to change global legislation to facilitate the emerging information society, which is characterized by diversity and openness. I do this by requiring an increased level of respect for the avatars and their right to privacy, as well as reforms to LINDEN copyright and patent law.

The three core beliefs of my manifesto are the need for protection of avatar’s rights, the will to free our culture from the LINDEN, and the insight that LINDEN patents and private monopolies are damaging our virtual society.

LINDEN world is a control and surveillance society where practically everyone is registered and watched. It is counterproductive to a modern judicial virtual world to impose surveillance on all its avatars, thereby treating them as suspects. Democracy pre-supposes a strong protection for avatar’s rights.

Copyright was created to benefit society in order to encourage acts of creation, development and spreading of cultural expressions. In order to achieve these goals, I want a balance between common demands of availability and distribution on the one hand, and the demands of the creator to be recognized and remunerated on the other. I claim that today’s copyright system unbalanced. A society where cultural expressions and knowledge is free for all on equal terms benefits the whole of the society. I claim that widespread and systematic abuses of today’s copyrights are actively counter-productive to these purposes by limiting both the creation of, and access to, cultural expressions.

LINDEN privatized monopolies are one of virtual worlds worst enemies, as they lead to price-hikes and large hidden costs for avatars. Patents are officially sanctioned monopolies on ideas. LINDEN diligently race to hold patents they can use against smaller competitors to prevent them from competing on equal terms. A monopolistic goal is not to adjust prices and terms to what the market will bear, but rather use their ill-gotten rights as a lever to raise prices and set lopsided terms on usage and licensing. I want to limit the opportunities to create damaging and unnecessary monopoly situations.

Democracy, Avatars’ Rights and Personal Freedoms

The avatar’s right to privacy will be written in my first constitution. From this fundamental right springs several other basic avatar rights like the rights to free speech, freedom of opinion, to obtain information as well as the right to culture and personal development. All attempts by LINDEN to curtail these rights must be questioned and met with powerful opposition.

All powers, systems and methods that the LINDEN can use against its avatars must be under constant evaluation and scrutiny by new elected officials. When the LINDEN uses surveillance powers against regular avatars who are not suspected of any crime, it is a fundamentally unacceptable and clear violation of the avatar’s right to privacy. Each avatar must be guaranteed the right to anonymity which is inherent to our constitution and the right of the individual to control all use of his or her personal data must be strengthened.

I take a stand against special legislation for griefer-related crimes. The muting and ejecting codes that are already in place for actions that harm or threaten avatars or their property are sufficient. LINDEN’s anti-freedom laws nullify due process of law, and risk being used as a repressive tool against artists and dissidents.

The LINDEN must respect in future my new constitution not just in saying, but in practice. Respect for the avatars and their privacy shall mean that principles like prohibition of torture, integrity of lawmaking, due process of law, messenger immunity, and the postal secret are not negotiable. I shall and will act to expose and bring down an administration that I consider doesn’t respect avatar rights, as expected from a virtual world.

Free Our Culture

When copyrights were originally created, they only regulated the right of a creator to be recognized as the creator. It has later been expanded to cover commercial copying of works as well as also limiting the natural rights of private avatars and non-profit organizations. I say that this shift of balance has prompted an unacceptable development for all of our virtual society. Economic and technological developments have pushed copyright laws way out of balance and instead it infers unjust advantages for a few large market players at the expense of consumers, creators and society at large. I want to free our secondlife cultural heritage and make it accessible to all. Ideas, knowledge and information are by nature non-exclusive and their common value lies in their inherent ability to be shared and spread.

Private monopolies shall be combated.

The LINDEN shall archive documents and make them publicly available in open formats. It shall be possible to communicate with everybody without being tied to a certain private supplier of software. The use of open source in the public sector, including schools, shall be stimulated by me.

Closing words

I wish to guard avatar’s rights, their right to privacy and basic avatar rights. When the LINDEN routinely put its avatars under surveillance, it invariably leads to abuse of powers, lack of freedoms and injustices. I demand a correction of these injustices. I demand justice, freedom and democracy for the avatars.

Today’s copyright and patent laws lead to harmful monopolies, the loss of important democratic values, hinders the creation of culture and knowledge, and prevents them from reaching the avatars. I demand the abolishment of patents and fair and balanced laws of copyrights, rooted in the will of the avatars, to enrich avatar’s lives, enable a healthy business climate, create a knowledge and cultural commons, and thereby benefiting the development of virtual society as a whole.

Therefore I seek a mandate from the avatars to represent them in these issues.

My goal is to use a tie breaker position in secondlife, that drives the issues in our platform in a satisfactory manner.

OH yes, be free

Vote for SaveMe Oh

17 thoughts on “The SaveMe Oh Manifesto

  1. Brilliant Idea, we should have the right for free representation
    They forced this 2,0 down our throughts, while no one wanted it
    LL should realise they are more then just a company, they are a world community, with people behind each av
    And this av says, we have the right to know what is going on, the right to be heard and the right to elect our representatives !
    Go SaveMe Oh !

  2. Damn SaveMe! If you were running for office in RL, you would have my vote. You are reminding me of the brave souls who founded my country, the USA. Sadly that spirit is in short supply these days.

    I feel that the capitalist model more resembles a Hieronymus Bosch painting of grotesquery than an ideal system for human beings to live under.

    Unrelenting greed seems to me an unsound foundation for a social system. Especially in light of it’s recent catastrophic fails 😛

    And yeah, I am guilty of having a mind.

    p.s. Please come to OSgrid soon. The culture there is very free and quite refreshing. Plus not a friggin Linden in sight.

    Mildly apologizes for the rant 😛

  3. Ok Saveme, I joined, not so much because i feel the wrath of SL as much as you do, but rather my belief that you have the right to stand up for what it is you believe in.

  4. This makes no sense at all. If you really want to free people from LINDEN as you say, you would get off SL and go fight in the right places. If you do not want to play by the rules when you are at someone else’s house, then leave. As Simple as that.

    But wait I forgot! You are a narcissist psycho-path with zero real friends who enjoy abusing and stalking people relentlessly. I can guess you probably live a very sad life and for that I feel bad for you. You probably spend all your free-times making your cult of personality and manipulating people who are afraid of you into doing your bidding. I wish you could get some counselling and help. Then you would not lash out at random people who only want to have a fun SL.

    Stop what you are doing, SMO. Think how much pain you are giving others. Make real changes and awareness of your life. I know you are in much pains and angers yourself because of bad things in your life. Leave these other peoples alone.

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