SaveMe Oh Visits SL7B

Cazenove: stage 1 just crashed

Selena Denja: good job?

Marc3469 Nichols: POOF

Justine Cazenove: wasn’t me

Donal McDunnough: LOL

Justine Cazenove: it was some griefer name SaveMe Oh

Justine Cazenove: just rezzed like a huge noob army

Selena Denja: shes gonna need some saving now

Molly Linden: IM me if you need a mod

Arrehn Oberlander: SaveMe Oh is famous

Apmel Goosson: way to go saveme!!!

Justine Cazenove: now the sims are back up 😀

Selena Denja: eh

Apmel Goosson: not hardly your everyday griefer

Justine Cazenove: lets pray for no more griefers pls

Then I was banned from the region

And ofcourse Josina Burgess, great censor of CARP couldn’t wait eather:

[14:59]  Josina Burgess: You have been ejected from ‘Art Gallery Diabolus’ by Josina Burgess.

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