Philip Linden and Ronald MacDonald Speak To The Clients

Gwenette Writer: Aloha folks:)  folks this is a great speech by Philip our founder and dearheart friend at the sl7bd opening . . take a look:))  It is a nice overview of what has really been built and accomplished by LL and residents . . long list:)  Read and be inspired:)

SaveMe Oh: The Linden no longer inspire us

Gwenette Writer: Perhaps you shold be more circumspect with your use of the word US :))

SaveMe Oh: US only need good conditions, inspire WE do ourselves

SaveMe Oh: we dont need peptalks from company owners

Gwenette Writer: well then  perhaps you do not need the company at all?? Perhaps you  should create your OWN grid and manage it and staff it and pay the utility bills to cool it and connect it . . . and the myriad of other financial committments that come with creating such a huge virtual realm??

SaveMe Oh: When im president I will, want already to do a donation?

Gwenette Writer: I think not . . . you are  under the illusion that this is a political space; this is a PRIVATE BUSINESS PLATFROM and we are clients. . .

SaveMe Oh: enjoy a lot, dear client

SaveMe Oh: I have now to listen to the speech of the MacDonalds CEO

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