SaveMe Oh Doodled M Linden

One of the first acts in my presidency was done today, as your new elected president SaveMe Oh doodled Linden CEO M Linden, the man responsible for the failure of the new viewer and the one with plans to reshape secondlife in FARMVILLE.

SaveMe Oh and M(doodle) Linden in happier times

A few days ago I already urged Catherine Linden to take some action

SaveMe Oh: I want to speak about Linden censorship in arts

Catherine Linden: I’m in a meeting

SaveMe Oh: Please contact me if you are out of the meeting

SaveMe Oh: This is not about signing this or that, but about freedom of expression

Catherine Linden: in a meeting!  can’t talk anymore

Catherine Linden: sorry

SaveMe Oh: but arange it

SaveMe Oh: otherwise i come and push you out of all that meetings one day

Catherine Linden: heh, I’m not afraid of you!  😉

SaveMe Oh: wait until im president of secondlife

And after I doodled M Linden today there was a panel discussion where you new president was present of course until she got banned.

SaveMe Oh: One doodle down but cute he was

SaveMe Oh: M is the first I send home since my election

Delinda Dyrssen: Did he step down or was he fired? thats what i want to know.

SaveMe Oh: fired, I fired him today

Chantal Harvey: step down

SaveMe Oh: but for the press we will say step down as the man also has a family

Ze Moo: LOL

SaveMe Oh: and he has now much more time to create doodles

SaveMe Oh: and when you like his doodle art? Buy now, it became a lot cheaper

Whirly Fizzle: lool

truthseekrArtist Xevion: lol

Ann Otoole: hahahahhha

Wizard Gynoid: good thing this is a mature sim

SaveMe Oh: are you nude Wizard?

SecondLie Scribe: mature? but i’m immature!

Rose Borchovski: lol sorry

SaveMe Oh: Rose, her you can walk nude, if you wish

soror Nishi: get em off!!

Srilania Svoboda: Honestly, it just needed someone who actually cares and loves Second Life

Slim Warrior: Does anyone feel that the abrupt desicion may be a personal matter perhaps, that he ( Mark) left so suddenly?

SaveMe Oh: He was spending too much time doodling

Srilania Svoboda: Well, with the Openspace/homestead fiasco, the Zindra mess, 2.0, announcing SL is going to be more facebooky, and firing a third of the staff did NOT help the confidence

SaveMe Oh: I would like a certain farming be added to sl

DrFran Babcock appluads

SaveMe Oh: I think we should let all this linden have a sabbatical, so we reorganise the stuff here

John Zhaoying: Meh. M. Linden ran an elite Flash-house. He was the last thing in the world SL needed.

SaveMe Oh: I would say connect SL to all opensims

SaveMe Oh: tear down all borders

SaveMe Oh: share all inventories

SaveMe Oh: get rid of lindendollars

SaveMe Oh: and nudity for all

SaveMe Oh: everyone associated with SL7B we send for a holiday on doodle island

SaveMe Oh: together with their sponsors

SaveMe Oh: where they can look at their doodles for a time

Wizard Gynoid: saveme is the court jester.

SaveMe Oh: the jester allways speaks the truth

SaveMe Oh: what nobody dares to say

SaveMe Oh: and I think we also should get rid of this panel chairs

SaveMe Oh: they are just too ugly

Srilania Svoboda: YES

Delinda Dyrssen: yep

DrFran Babcock: hear, hear

SaveMe Oh: with that ugly blue behind

Kitsune Lassiter: exactly

SaveMe Oh: is it a soap company sponsering this?

Kallan McCullough: LOL save me

SaveMe Oh: with the bubbles

soror Nishi: :))))

SaveMe Oh: take over soror

soror Nishi: ok…so…it was all marketing bullshit

SaveMe Oh: hear hear

soror Nishi: the whole two speeches

soror Nishi: no improvements over the last two years

Slim Warrior: they see and hear but not listen

Imaze Rhiano: We are still residents? I thought that we are only customers now.

soror Nishi: nipplegate

soror Nishi: omg….who cares about TM….the web needs so much work…

Wizard Gynoid: There’s a certain arrogance that *some* Lindens seem to exude.

Terra Tepper: Please drop the sign.

SaveMe Oh: [14:29] Terra Tepper: Please drop the sign.

And your president was banned again fighting for everybody’s right on speech.

Rose Borchovski: sign in your face

Reed Steamroller: Rose

Reed Steamroller: come on.

Rose Borchovski: can not believe this

Rose Borchovski: Rose Borchovski: is save banned because she was waving a sign!!

Delinda Dyrssen: Save me just got ejected huh?

Stuart Warf: no

Delinda Dyrssen: lol

soror Nishi: poor saveme

Rose Borchovski: can you please let save back in and just let her wave her sign

soror Nishi: why are you all so bad

DrFran Babcock: She was only trying to save us

Wizard Gynoid: shouldn’t bounce the court jester. ^^

soror Nishi: we want saveme

SecondLie Scribe: pffft. whiners.

Rose Borchovski: please let saveme back

Reed Steamroller: i think saveme had her chance :\

Rose Borchovski: you all talk about changing things and now you BANN SOMEONE

Brookston Holiday: Saveme was banned, so that Rezzed TV Island can continue to grow.

soror Nishi: I am banning myself

Rose Borchovski: I ‘m sorry I think it is wrong for the community to bann savemne because waving

soror Nishi: I am banning myself

Rose Borchovski: I ‘m sorry I think it is wrong for the community to bann savemne because waving a sign

soror Nishi: in protest to fascist TV

Peoney Feld: really silly to ban her

Rose Borchovski: wow this is weird

SecondLie Scribe: pffft. go blow it out your pelvis attachment point, soror.

Rose Borchovski: reach out to the community and let Save me back in

Minerva Dover: waving a sign right in the middle

Wizard Gynoid: ha

Minerva Dover: she should have sat in the bleachers like everyone else

Slim Warrior: NOne of the Panel are Lindens

Rose Borchovski: so what this is sl

Rose Borchovski: yes ask Saveme back

Delinda Dyrssen: If you let SAve Me back in just please ask hernotto sit up near the stage waving a sighn its annoying

Rose Borchovski: wowwwwww

Rose Borchovski: OMG

Brookston Holiday: lol

Srilania Svoboda: YAY! You can say FUCK on television here!

Slim Warrior: I dont think any of them will come back

Rose Borchovski: yes we need to see some action

Rose Borchovski: and then you bann someone

Rose Borchovski: and complain because a sign in your face

Reed Steamroller: Rose

Reed Steamroller: come on.

soror Nishi: we want saveme

Wizard Gynoid: [14:30] SaveMe Oh: im banned

Rose Borchovski: SaveMe Oh: gebanned

Moyra Ares: boooooh 🙂

soror Nishi: who has the right to eject saveme??

soror Nishi: boooh

Rose Borchovski: let save back in

Rose Borchovski: stopped this annoying banning

soror Nishi: we want saveme

Brookston Holiday: bring back saveme!!!! (just no sign)

Rose Borchovski: let Saveme back in

soror Nishi: you are saying one thing and still banning people

Reed Steamroller: i think saveme had her chance :\

4 thoughts on “SaveMe Oh Doodled M Linden

  1. i think there is a place for the court jester. historically, they have had a serious role to play. they entertained the court, but they also had the freedom to point out painful truths that otherwise would go unsaid. in other cultures, it’s called the Trickster. once you realize what saveme is up to, i think she should be tolerated.

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