How To Become A Boss In The Artworld

To show to you all how censors and rulers are born in secondlife, let me please give you this conversation as an example.

Chi5 Shenzhou: anyways, I was going to ask you for a favor.  I’d like one of my friends to move into the lofts, but he told me you two had some cross words

Chi5 Shenzhou: Glyph Graves? You remember him?

SaveMe Oh: yes, perfect ok

Chi5 Shenzhou: if he comes in – you can’t terrorize him.  We really need a scripter on ody

SaveMe Oh: I never terrorize anybody, although I feel the urge to terrorize you by assuming that.

Chi5 Shenzhou: however you look at it, I’m just asking you please be nice to him

SaveMe Oh: don’t be ridiculous

Chi5 Shenzhou: he’s a nice guy

SaveMe Oh: he is, but you sound like an old hippie

Chi5 Shenzhou: that’s fine; I’m not concerned about that

SaveMe Oh: then don’t worry

Chi5 Shenzhou: as long as I have your word that you’re not going to bother him

SaveMe Oh: You don’t get any word, only that you irritate me with this questions

SaveMe Oh: have faith in art instead of regulation

Chi5 Shenzhou: I wish I could, but you’re not showing me any good faith here

SaveMe Oh: No, you look exactly the example from a person I hate in sl

SaveMe Oh: trying to organize within rules and regulations

SaveMe Oh: let ody be a fighting ground of creative minds

SaveMe Oh: and don’t bother before

Chi5 Shenzhou: I am “fighting” right now – I disagree with your creative approach

Chi5 Shenzhou: I had a creative vision of the lofts

SaveMe Oh: so you do what you want

Chi5 Shenzhou: I’m not being uncivil – I’m just asking you, if you want to be part of it, respect that I won’t agree with grieving the residents, otherwise, I don’t want you there

SaveMe Oh: I didn’t grief any resident so it’s a shame you even blame me for something that didn’t even happen

Chi5 Shenzhou: odyssey is one thing – that’s a free zone, but the lofts, operate under a premise

SaveMe Oh: and if you want me or not I also don’t care

SaveMe Oh: I hate rulers

SaveMe Oh: and people who think they have the power

Chi5 Shenzhou: ok – so I suggest you leave the lofts, and we’ll bother be happy

Chi5 Shenzhou: no, I’m speaking to you one artist to another

SaveMe Oh: I am invited by Liz and Fau and that’s the only thing counting to me

Chi5 Shenzhou: this is a request

SaveMe Oh: you are just somebody who builds lofts

Chi5 Shenzhou: this was my concept from day 1

SaveMe Oh: I am in the concept, quit nice of me. And now you start with these silly remarks about Glyph. Are you a social worker?

Chi5 Shenzhou: I’m not interest in your indignance, only your action

SaveMe Oh: A Linden employee? Part of the art mafia?

Chi5 Shenzhou: nope, just someone who wants my creative vision to succeed

SaveMe Oh: Glyph don’t have to worry at all with you around, he annoys me much less then you, actually he makes nice things.

Chi5 Shenzhou: yes he does

SaveMe Oh: so don’t play the nanny, please

Chi5 Shenzhou: there’s really no need for insults and such

SaveMe Oh: you have no control over that

Chi5 Shenzhou: if you cannot have a mature discussion about a creative project, I’m not impressed

SaveMe Oh: I am not out here to insult people. I just give opinions sometimes, some like that, others don’t. That’s all

Chi5 Shenzhou: you shouldn’t have a persecution complex over this, saveme

Chi5 Shenzhou: he’s a friend of mine, and I don’t want you to be unkind to him

Chi5 Shenzhou: that’s all, really do you understand?

SaveMe Oh: I have not anything against him, don’t know him at all, for sure he is a great guy, my problem is not him, but your silly question

Chi5 Shenzhou: I’m trying to encourage people to come – otherwise this project of mine will fail, that is my only motivation

SaveMe Oh: Is like I ask you, my mother in law is coming, please dress nice

Chi5 Shenzhou: you moved into a community space – expect that it will be a community

SaveMe Oh: you invite artist I hope because they will tickle people with their art, if you want to create a tea garden ask people form the old people’s home

Chi5 Shenzhou: you can play in a sandbox all day long, but 18 people will need to be civil to each other here

Chi5 Shenzhou: you’re quite mistaken if you think me to be a pushover

SaveMe Oh: do I have to sleep with Glyph? Cook his egg?

Chi5 Shenzhou: that would be a start

SaveMe Oh: don’t be ridiculous and when I sleep with him and cook his egg, you are the last I would tell

Chi5 Shenzhou: I don’t really care if you tell me you’ll make nice or not, I care if you do

SaveMe Oh: well, it’s exiting for you to watch if I will, good cliffhanger

Chi5 Shenzhou: you can insult me all day long, it doesn’t bother me

SaveMe Oh: I don’t insult you, I tell you my opinion

Chi5 Shenzhou: the point is, he, or others will not come at all if it is a hostile work environment

Chi5 Shenzhou: that is what concerns me. Do you want my project to fail?

SaveMe Oh: you can do 2 things, have faith, or kick me out and invite your friends

Chi5 Shenzhou: Would that make you happy? I thought you could add something, so you had my blessing to come

SaveMe Oh: the only thing what would make me happy is you to have faith in art and not in regulations

Chi5 Shenzhou: being nice is not a regulation

SaveMe Oh: And the last thing I need is your blessing, I don’t believe in gods or half gods

Chi5 Shenzhou: I’m not sure why you have to be rude about this

SaveMe Oh: is not rude, it’s a truth

Chi5 Shenzhou: if you’d like to attack my art, my builds, go ahead – I’d like to hear it

SaveMe Oh: I attack your behavior of a paternalistic ruler

Chi5 Shenzhou: the problem is when you start affecting my work – then you become a problem

Chi5 Shenzhou: I hardly see how me asking you to be nice to a friend of mine is being a dictator

Chi5 Shenzhou: you ran for president

SaveMe Oh: Invite the guy and don’t behave as an idiot yourself

Chi5 Shenzhou: that’s not an insult?

SaveMe Oh: no, also a truth, my truth, but anyway…

Chi5 Shenzhou: saveme, the fact of the matter is – you’re just one person

Chi5 Shenzhou: and I’m trying to get 17 others to function here

Chi5 Shenzhou: your art isn’t the solo exhibition

SaveMe Oh: so do your best to get them, and don’t waste your time in playing the nanny

Chi5 Shenzhou: I’m bringing this up, because I told glyph I would speak to you.

Chi5 Shenzhou: he asked me to, so I did, as a friend of his

SaveMe Oh: so tell him I am deeply in love with him, that’s will do the trick

Chi5 Shenzhou: I’m really not impressed, saveme

Chi5 Shenzhou: do you work with others?  I know you do, so how can you act this way, and hold down a job? Is this how you solve creative differences?

SaveMe Oh: because the Ody people as no other knows that the sim can only be worth something when there is interaction

Chi5 Shenzhou: I’d like you to examine your behavior

SaveMe Oh: just tell Glyph not to be a pussy

Chi5 Shenzhou: I did :/

SaveMe Oh: and when he washes his hair regular, it will be ok

SaveMe Oh: and when those slimy snails don’t mess my door, fine with me

Chi5 Shenzhou: ok, we’ll see how it goes then

SaveMe Oh: And now leave me in peace because I have to put this conversation on my blog

Chi5 Shenzhou: I’m disappointed we couldn’t have a more productive conversation

12 thoughts on “How To Become A Boss In The Artworld

  1. I have been trying to come up witty reply , but this conversation somehow made me speechless………
    I have immediately squatted a loft , but have been speechless there as well, in order not to disturb my neighbours, they might feel insulted

    • Is your tea garden still at Odyssey? There were no tables there, but I sat and drank tea at your installation (with the uptight crowd) in an inoffensive and pleasantly bland area.

      • The funny situation is that google has put a dutch advertisement on saveme’s page: NEIGHBOURS day: Good ideas start with good coffee, Join Neighboursday!! I should turn my teagarden into a coffeegarden and invite the uptight crowd again to meet my sensitive neigbours, maybe we get some splendid ideas and all be happy. I might even come up with a witty reply after being speechless for such a long time.

      • I was already wondering why my weblog hit an absolute record of more then 300 readers. I thought I finally become famous, and now I learn it’s all about a google add. My name will be forever connected with TEAGARDEN. sigh.

      • Actually simple cutting the parts were we repeat ourselves, we have to be gentle to our readers. But if you don’t agree, why don’t publish your version, and twist it as you like???
        Or are you really a person who choose a fake identity to find the truth???

      • Oh I thought you were in on the joke Chi5. I mistook the entertaining banter for some kind of performance piece, silly me.

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