I Send My First Lady To Catherine

And after the talk I asked Catherine if she behaved well…

SaveMe Oh: Hope you behaved nice this afternoon

Catherine Linden: haha, I was very nice

SaveMe Oh: Good, because I dont want to hear any complaints

Catherine Linden: I promise I was polite

SaveMe Oh: Good girl

Catherine Linden: 😛

Catherine Linden: Manx Wharton says you have a date to chew cud!

SaveMe Oh: I have to analize if this is positive or negative, what it means?

Catherine Linden: I don’t know, something about sitting in a field

Catherine Linden: like a cow? Who knows, he talks nonsense too

SaveMe Oh: He does, i don’t, as the new president of SL

Catherine Linden: I see you’ve gotten serious!

SaveMe Oh: Very

SaveMe Oh: I have to do something before you all let it go down the drain

Catherine Linden: he’d want to know there was a president lurking around

SaveMe Oh: I was elected last week with 50 votes, and thats more then enough for me

SaveMe Oh: And you might have noticed I fired M Linden as my first action

Catherine Linden: I’m sorry about that!

SaveMe Oh: yes, me too, but i had no other option

SaveMe Oh: he has a cute face but I had to do it

Catherine Linden: hey, I need to run, I’m on the phone

SaveMe Oh: So run, but not to quick or you might fall down too

Catherine Linden:  I’ll let the king know

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