They Hate Me For Trying To Be Nice

When I was passing by on a garden show, which was announced as art, I try to cheer up the folks a little, who all looked depressed and already longing for autumn when the summer was not even finished. I don’t want to say always; it was the “Caerleon depression” again, but it came very close.

SaveMe Oh: don’t be like a child after a bad party

Alizarin Goldflake: SaveMe – I am in tears in rl because you spoiled another of my parties

SaveMe Oh: you don’t mean that

Alizarin Goldflake: I do

SaveMe Oh: then you are too sensitive on unreal grounds

Alizarin Goldflake: I never want to see you again

SaveMe Oh: I want to see you again, because I have to teach you some things, I realize now, when you really mean what you say

SaveMe Oh: because when this upsets you, there is something wrong

Alizarin Goldflake: you have nothing to teach me because you don’t know kindness and sympathy

SaveMe Oh: Yes, I know very well

SaveMe Oh: You seem to lack some reality views

SaveMe Oh: How come?

SaveMe Oh: Using banning powers and cry contradicts in my point of view

SaveMe Oh: Rule and want to be loved at the same time

SaveMe Oh: sounds spoiled to me

SaveMe Oh: when you don’t get it as you like it you push a button

I know there are people behind avatars but they should warn if there are therapists wanted instead of artists!

13 thoughts on “They Hate Me For Trying To Be Nice

  1. SaveMe, when you arrived you were greeted in a friendly fashion and complimented by Ali, myself and others for your beautiful avatar. You engaged in somewhat friendly witty banter…

    You neglect to report that you escalated from disrupting someone else’s performance (whether or not you like it, being boorish and rude is not “your own art” but cheap and shallow crassness)to putting on an attachment that was ugly, strobing and covering the screen. You were asked nicely by both myself and Ali, as well as other people, to remove it.

    You further neglect to inform anyone reading this blog that you attempted to turn it into a power game (“If 5 people ask me to, I will, otherwise, no”). Quite rightly, you were sent packing.

    Later, in a private IM, you attempted to make more trouble by stirring up things with Apmel, which resulted in a long IM between me and him, whereas I did inform him that not only were we “friended” (at your own request, long ago)but distorted the sequence of events and pretended you were a victim.

    You also started your old harping on “the old Caerleon mood” until I informed you that, as anyone else knows, my association with Caerleon ended a year ago. When this attack vector didn’t work, you fished about for something, anything, to get a rise out of me.

    If you were really “fierce and honest and uncompromising” you’d accurately include your own behaviour and deliberate provocations in your “reports”.

    It is sad, because you do some good work, as I also told you after I voted for your entry in the July round of the UWA Challenge. Unfortunately for you, I do not buy the honesty of your “performance art,” having witnessed its’ like in many sophmoric and collegiate venues many times before.

    If I believed that your “outrage” and “sharp biting criticism” was honest, I might not like it but I would respect it. However, I have seen that it is most often mere contrariness and contrivance, designed not to express any viewpoint with consistency and integrity but merely to take an opposite position (which I have also observed changes) in order to provoke, on the level of Fox News or other manipulators and schemers, the likes of which litter the very right-wing-craziness landscape that you profess to abhor and comment upon.

    You may think this is somehow “drama” and “art” but any 5-year-old could beat you hands-down with such an approach. So would legions of aspiring “act-tresses” who came to Hollywood only to realize that being an enfant terrible is quite passe, easily done and easily dismissed and wind up waiting tables until they learned something about their Craft and determined that petty self-indulgence is not the material of art, high or low.

    Likewise, from many years of performing to live audiences in RL, I can assure you that hecklers are a dime a dozen and that one learns to take them in stride as a minor glitch, one of many, and continue on without giving them more attention than they need.

    Do not congratulate yourself on “provoking” me, because you haven’t. Since you involved me, I do reserve the right to comment on your own representation of events involving me, and give you the benefit of my own perspective, as you seem to think yours is so very important.

    Nor am I afraid of any comment, response or diatribe on your part for my comment. I was, and have been, polite to you on most occasions, but, as with a cranky and sulky child, I won’t hesitate to ask you to answer for your own behaviour, and stop trying to paint yourself as a legitimate martyr to some cause that is only an excuse for your own predeliction for sulky, rude and childish behaviour.

    Since your entire position is that you do not mince words, I thought you’d appreciate my own. Unless, of course, as outlined above, I doubt the veracity of your response ^_^

  2. Miso, thanks for helping me out to turn a gardenshow into a good exchanging of thoughts. When you or me didn’t react as we did it would already have been forgotten as if it never happend.

  3. Rowan Derryth: Apmel, Miso gave a lovley performance. You missed it. What are you upset about?
    Apmel Goosson: because i missed it i suppose… when i came the winner was already decided AND saveme was already banned
    Maya Paris: well she does like to mix it up, and getting banned seems to be part of the game
    Apmel Goosson: yes so why play up to that
    Rowan Derryth: lol Apmel, you are pretty funny.
    Miso Susanowa: and we did ask her nicely, her attachment was making my screen go crazy
    Miso Susanowa: i can like her and some of her work, i mean i did vote for her at the UWA last month
    Miso Susanowa: her piece was interesting and good commentary so i voted for it

  4. SaveMe, you’re ridiculous 🙂

    Giving you an “older sister lecture” on your nasty and spiteful demeanor is not “a good exchange of thoughts.”

    You weren’t “reacing” to anything, you were acting out. I was reacting to a self-centered, spoiled brat who uses the rhetoric of “provocateur art” as a weak cover for self-indulgent bratty behaviour.

    I hope that clarifies things for you 🙂

    • All secondlife is full with older sisters and older brothers who all the time think that they have to lecture me. First they try to cuddle me to dead, and when that don’t work they kick me out of the house as a daughter who won’t listen to mummy. Well, I am not your daughter and I will continue to perform where and however I want. And when you want to call that a spoiled brat, it be so, always better then becoming a member of teaparties in ridiculous virtula gardens with haiku producing old hippies who try to reach zen before they die.

      • I always found you so boring SaveMe Oh, you are a selfcentered brat with an ego too big for your so called art.

        Hopefully this will wake others up to your real persona.

  5. Well Miso i did mention to SaveMe that I had called you a whore so I better show here in what context so that is clarified for SaveMe as well:)

    Apmel Goosson: ok.. you guys really are art whores aren´t you
    Alizarin Goldflake: erm?
    Miso Susanowa: we prefer the term, art concubines 😀
    Wizard Gynoid: no i am a publicity whore
    Chrome Underwood: hehe
    Rowan Derryth: I’m an art pimp, thanks very much
    Nur Ophuls: I’m a coquette
    Juanita Deharo: no I’m more an art pimp
    Miso Susanowa: we are the digital Muses of the metaverse
    Rowan Derryth high fives Juanita
    Juanita Deharo: 🙂
    Miso Susanowa: *laughing*
    Alizarin Goldflake: thank you Miso
    Apmel Goosson: sure
    Rowan Derryth: Also an Art Courtesan
    Wizard Gynoid finds this music hard to dance to
    Apmel Goosson: i don´t like whores
    Alizarin Goldflake: hey Apmel thank you for mentioning
    Alizarin Goldflake: artee and me
    Rowan Derryth: Lost in an orgy oof ekphrasms
    Miso Susanowa: hey Lady Murasaki was incredibly influential and she was a geisha concubine
    soror Nishi: hi nur….congrats again…:))
    Close Range: Arrow Inglewood [29m]
    Nur Ophuls: :-))
    Miso Susanowa: a whore does for money what we do for… sensuality 😀
    Alizarin Goldflake: what did Nur win?
    Miso Susanowa: a-MUSE-ment
    soror Nishi: Nur got married
    Nur Ophuls: Got Partnered :-))
    Corcosman Voom: Paging Dr, Freud…..
    Miso Susanowa: he won a wife? 😀
    Alizarin Goldflake: sl or rl?
    soror Nishi: she
    Nur Ophuls: He?? lol
    Miso Susanowa: she won a hubsband?
    Juanita Deharo: married? Who would nmarry an art whore?

    • Ampel, when I read this I fear you got catched by a group of old whores searching for a man of their age, still alive. Better start baking some cookies for the granny’s, and don’t forget to go oilpainting with them.

      • That;s when they call you a witch – tie you to a chair – and dip you in the lake. We call it waterboading nowadays. It’s more digital I think when it’s called waterboarding.

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