Sadness At My Return

When I came back from my summer long election tour I found Second Life back in total devastation. A complete emptiness, resembling walking in an open sim, occurred. The use of groupchat was brought back to zero, almost as if the last survivors where too afraid to wake somebody up out of their self chosen days of the living death.

The first festival I visit was the ultimate nothing, Gogbot, parked avatars in a sad landscape. The owners of the avatars for sure too busy with friending or unfriending eachother on Facebook. A performance of Stelarc was too sad for words, were last year he could move one arm, now he could move 4, what an improvement. And I can almost predict Chantal Harvey will “surprise” us again with a movie about what we “missed”. Will they go for 10 arms next year???

At the opening at Arte Libera the same sadness, Rotating Pulsating Prim Plague (see my earlier remarks about this) Art for which they want you first to read a booklong notecard. Don’t they understand that when I want to read a book I go to a bookstore or a library? When will the true interactive artists wake up again and make something that really exploits the possibilities of a virtual world experience. Do I have to do everything myself??? Don’t you think I also have other things to do???

17 thoughts on “Sadness At My Return

  1. Yes, you do have to do something of merit to be taken seriously; yes, you should do something other than acting like a 12 year old YouTube troll in the name of performance art. Do something yourself besides plagiarizing (in the most blatant sense of the word, i.e. stealing someone elses digital work and slapping your name on it – though thankfully not my own) and claiming it as yours. And yes, loud, talentless hacks such as yourself tend to resent artists such as Stelarc, who combine talent with success.

  2. What happend in last weeks, dear friend, that get’s you so pissed of. I thought I had to start working on one of your opera’s but maybe you changed your mind. Maybe you want to finish first STELARC – THE MUSICAL?

    • Reminiscing is all. I was writing an article about the American political system, and intellectual dishonesty, and then I remembered you. I decided to stick it to you.

      [2010/06/27 12:16] SaveMe Oh: its great drama
      [2010/06/27 12:16] SaveMe Oh: im proud of you

      It’s not? You’re not?

  3. First off, I would never work with someone of such poor character, and second, why would I work with someone of your dubious talents?

    Disinformation for whatever petulant reason, is never to be supported or condoned.

  4. I could critique Stelarc’s conceptual merit later (and no, I am not a fanboy), but such discussions are best left to the world of academia. You did quote me correctly when I said, “I’d like you to examine your behavior.” I’d like you to examine your behavior as cynical manipulator of digital media with no regard for the truth, or in addition, the consequences behind your actionsn; I was sickened by your posting of the conversation between you and Alizarin Goldflake, a SL avatar who I have never met, and who I know nothing about. However, it seems that this yet another example of you framing a quote/conversation with the intent of manufacturing your own narrative to suit your own selfish purposes.

  5. Due to your supreme arrogance and willful ignorance you are incapable of understanding what I’m saying; you haven’t thought your own positions through sufficiently to justify your work or your behavior.

    • To you or any other fake identity I have not at all the intention to justify my fake identity’s behavior. I am afraid she has a strong will of her own and I can’t do anything about it. It’s like a robotarm out of control of the mind.

      • Perhaps I’m as cynical as you, poisoning the well. However, you’re not responding terribly well to taking it as opposed to dishing it.

  6. Selfishness is the only drive from people in virtual worlds, (you are a great example of that) you better get used to it, even from the ones who do teagardens and pretend to cry a lot. The day they will send me a proof, for example collected tears from their keyboard, I will reconsider if I need to add some human behavior. Behavior that brought the world such high standards

  7. As I just said, you’re incapable of responding in an intellectually honest way. To describe the number of ways why your “tea garden” fascination has nothing to do with any form of my media would only give credence to your misinformation. What you do has little redeeming value, and a larger negative impact. If you can make a niche reputation as an online antagonizer (read, griefer, troll), you must understand the impact that media can have.

    Respond point by point if you want to have “a mature discussion.”

  8. As you ponder your response, leafing through your dictionary, let me ease your mind and save you some time: I said my piece, and I am tired of slapping around a deficient opponent. I realize I still “have to teach you some things,” but I’m tired of punching the bag. I have no doubt that you will selectively delete, reword, and misquote what I have said, but that’s of little consequence to me, and will only further prove to yourself (as I cannot this to prove anything to anyone but yourself, after you mangle my words) your own hypocrisy. Goodbye, have a nice life.

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