SaveMe Oh Wins Cutest Girl

SaveMe Oh wins the cutest girl in Japan’s Pretty Cute series

Internet idol SaveMe Oh flew into Japan this week for several TV appearances and to promote “Save Space,” a movie based on her popular second life avatar.

SaveMe Oh, whose real name is Saveria Melissa Oh, is from the Netherlands, and from Japanese origin, and has become famous in Japan courtesy of videos she posted online which feature her acting, dancing and freaking out.

Dressing up in cosplay, SaveMe Oh has been dubbed “the next Lady Gaga,” with some labeling her “too cute.” She was presented with a gold medal for her cuteness at the event where she performed and danced with her virtual alterego.

 SaveMe Oh said: “I didn’t have time to practice the dance but it turned out well. It was fun.”

 When asked about which Japanese movies she knew, SaveMe Oh said she had watched Godzilla, on Youtube. SaveMe Oh said Godzilla is very talented and urged him to do his best.

14 thoughts on “SaveMe Oh Wins Cutest Girl

  1. Unlike Lady Gaga, SaveMe has male genitalia and exploits the mentally handicapped in the name of the exalted name of art; like Lady Gaga, SaveMe is a white orientalist.

  2. ..and no, I don’t mean the idiots who buy the tripe you’re peddling; I mean the mentally handicapped who you exploited by paying them slave wages, and displaying like some kind of freak show. Thankfully, decency prevailed, and you are unemployed once again.

    • In addition, those who know your behavior in real life are more disgusted than those who know your persona behind the safety of an internet connection. Again, that is what I am pointing at.

      • Again, as an Asian, it disgusts me when whites such as yourself exploit Asian imagery, culture, and identity for nothing more than the crass appeal of exoticism.

      • As in SL I am realy happy in real live that the ones who are disgusted with me keep a good distance. As i don’t need them just as i don’t need you.
        I don’t like teagardens anyway, as you know.

      • Again with the “tea gardens” again. What is your fascination with tea? It reminds me of those other people who like tea a little too much.

  3. AGAIN: I’m so happy I turned my tea-garden into a coffee-garden, Although …I do like tea a little too much, but then AGAIN drinking coffee is very exotic!

    • He/she is the one. Self acclaimed curator of the Odyssee Lofts, where he finds his own buliding more important then the work of the people who exhibit there. You know the kind…lol.

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