Peter Greenaway Wishes To Thank You

Dear Avatars

There are no words to express the depth of my gratitude I feel after I was invited to speech for all the machinima artists at the 48 Hour Film Project. You are all heroins for me and for the international movie scene.
Just to let you know that you all mean the world to me I asked my dear friend SaveMe to let you all know I am unfortunately not able to answer you all. The notes, the cards and the flowers where unbelievable and overwhelming. Thank you all for already being my best friends after just one meeting.
I just want to tell you how wonderful you all are! Whatever happens, I know I can always count on you all – without fail. You’ll never know how much I appreciate your hard work and creative minds, heart and courage that always makes me smile. I am truly a better person because of all the wonderful input you all delivered for the sake of worldwide cinema. Thank you for saving me from my fears and doubts.
And of course, SaveMe, thank you again for your kindness to let me use your blog as it is the only blog that I am sure off to reach the whole world.

Thank you, dear friends.
Love always,
Peter Greenaway

8 thoughts on “Peter Greenaway Wishes To Thank You

  1. I’m so proud to be your First Lady ( well actually to be one of them) because you have such wonderful friends. Thank you again my SaveMe. But also a word of sadness: Your today friends can become your tomorrow enemies. Loving you forever !!!!! your First Lady ( one of them)

  2. Ampel, Peter is also begging me but I search for someone young and dynamic, and with a hardbody. I’m so sad Igor still has me muted, my god, does he have a body!!! Or is he an old geezer too in RL?
    And my first men must be capable of talking less then me. I don’t want a first men who talks more than me.

  3. I think you left out the part where Peter said all the machinima were disappointing. I mean in his FIRST SENTENCE! Aside from that it’s so good of you to convey his best wishes, your most reverend, highness, magisterial, madame President.

  4. I didn’t repeat his speech, I only thank everybody on his behalve for the overwhelming responce. And when he says he finds all movies disappointing he uses of course irony as he is a wild admirerer of my movies, he once said my movies are the only reason he became involved in SL. But please keep that a secret.

    • 🙂 you weren’t in the contest anyway were you? You and I are the people he was talking about when he said artists do whatever they want to do!

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