Saying Farewell To Second Life

Dear Avatar and Second Life Member,
On March 13th, 2002, the first Resident (Steller Sunshine) joined Second Life and the public beta started seven month later in October, but now in Septembre 2010 we have made the difficult decision to discontinue Secondlife and will be taking down the grid on September 29, 2010. Over the next week, we encourage you to save any pieces of content (such as pictures, friend’s names, etc.) that you want to keep. We will also soon update you on your Linden refund, if you have an account balance.
Over the eight years since launching Second Life, we have welcomed avatars from many virtual worlds and MMOs to connect on our platform as the only social network catering to the needs of virtual identities. We are proud to have served those needs and honored to have shared this journey with you all.
Going forward, pieces of the Second Life technology will be integrated into the Facebook platform to support a richer, and more dynamic, community experience. Read more about these efforts on the Second Life blog.
Thank you for being a member of the Second Life community, and part of the Second Life family.


The Second Life Team

33 thoughts on “Saying Farewell To Second Life

  1. [8:36] Francoise Eichel: are you stupid or what
    [8:36] SaveMe Oh: JUST RECIEVED THE NEWS
    [8:37] Francoise Eichel: you’ve been had
    [8:37] Francoise Eichel: this would be on SL blog front
    [8:37] SaveMe Oh: The news is just out
    [8:37] Francoise Eichel: y9ou should check before you disseminate things like that
    [8:38] Francoise Eichel: you don’t have a link so its only rumor
    [8:38] SaveMe Oh:
    [8:38] Francoise Eichel: this is a big thing, the kind of thing you don’t take lightly, do your homework before you disseminate
    [8:40] Francoise Eichel: i don’t see anything serious there, its only YOUR webpage, still you saying this…
    [8:41] SaveMe Oh: I only passing the message
    [8:41] Francoise Eichel: well, stop it now !
    [8:41] Francoise Eichel: check and finds a reliable source
    [8:42] Francoise Eichel: then come back
    [8:42] Francoise Eichel: period
    [8:42] SaveMe Oh: yes master
    [8:42] Francoise Eichel: you bet

  2. [8:42] Nima Benoir: Is this note you sent me a joke?
    [8:42] Nima Benoir: Because it stopped my heart!
    [8:43] SaveMe Oh: I just recieved it, but be glad you have two hearts

    • [8:59] Dan Yapungku: je predikt het einde der tijden?
      [8:59] SaveMe Oh: Ja, de dag des oordeels
      [9:00] Dan Yapungku: tijd voor penitentie dus om vooralsnog op de val(s)reep in het rijk der engelen te geraken
      [9:00] SaveMe Oh: als ik er nog mee wegkom
      [9:00] Dan Yapungku: je gaat je kerk moeten vergroten om de toestroom van boeteliongen te kunnen opvangen
      [9:00] SaveMe Oh: als ze me niet voor de tijd verbranden
      [9:01] Dan Yapungku: verbranden is uit de tijd, electrische stoel en gifspuit voor de onschuldigen of op zijn chiness eervol (gedrogeerd) in 100 stukjes gesneden worden

  3. [9:00] Albatroz Hird: is it supposed to be a clever move?
    [9:01] SaveMe Oh: When you say so?
    [9:02] Albatroz Hird: when or why?
    [9:04] Albatroz Hird: i don’t even know why i’m talking to you… bye
    [9:04] SaveMe Oh: because I touched you
    [9:06] Albatroz Hird: you think so? poor thing you are
    [9:07] Albatroz Hird: if you don’t mind, I mute you, thank you… bye
    [9:07] SaveMe Oh: I don’t mind at all, always hoped for it

  4. [8:53] JoJa Dhara: ;-)….. dat is een sterke πŸ˜‰
    [8:53] SaveMe Oh: leuk toch?
    [8:53] JoJa Dhara: zeker weten..
    [8:54] SaveMe Oh: mijn IM staat roodgloeiend
    [8:54] JoJa Dhara: met goeie commentaar neem ik aan..mensen in een deuk…of ziet er ook nog een linden tussen…
    [8:54] JoJa Dhara: die foei zegt

  5. [8:42] Misprint Thursday: thats the best notecard i think i have ever seen
    [8:43] Misprint Thursday: beacuse one often sees these notes of avatars/people who are leaving sl
    [8:43] Misprint Thursday: and sl leaving us
    [8:43] Misprint Thursday: brings up a whole set of other questions
    [8:43] Misprint Thursday: like
    [8:44] SaveMe Oh: yes?
    [8:44] Misprint Thursday: what kind of permanence does our work and relationships hold in this place
    [8:44] Misprint Thursday: like what happens to our things when sl ends or when we die
    [8:44] SaveMe Oh: yes, its funny to think about
    [8:44] Misprint Thursday: i mean and the fact that i hope it spreads as a rumor like an orwellian the sky is falling
    [8:45] Misprint Thursday: story
    [8:45] Misprint Thursday: laughing
    [8:45] SaveMe Oh: in some groups they are already discussing
    [8:46] Misprint Thursday: when did you make this story up
    [8:46] SaveMe Oh: when i recieved that note from avatars unlimited
    [8:46] SaveMe Oh: united, sorry haha
    [8:50] Misprint Thursday: all these films and tales about the end of the world will continue until…well..the end of the wor;d
    [8:50] Misprint Thursday: but what is interesting here
    [8:50] Misprint Thursday: is it’s not really the end of the world
    [8:50] Misprint Thursday: if it happened
    [8:51] Misprint Thursday: but an apocalyptic fallout like
    [8:51] Misprint Thursday: a nuclear war
    [8:51] Misprint Thursday: people would go to different platofrms, virtual worlds
    [8:51] Misprint Thursday: like refugees
    [8:51] Misprint Thursday: and have camps i am sure
    [8:51] Misprint Thursday: until they get re-situated
    [8:52] SaveMe Oh: they do already
    [8:52] Misprint Thursday: there would probably be factions and groups as like minded people join where “there group is” to have the most access
    [8:52] SaveMe Oh: like Inworldz
    [8:52] Misprint Thursday: sure i mean in the case of sl being gone
    [8:52] Misprint Thursday: though
    [8:52] Misprint Thursday: of course thats true
    [8:52] SaveMe Oh: its like an ark of Noah
    [8:52] Misprint Thursday: yes but in this case it would be interesting like
    [8:52] SaveMe Oh: saving already for the day it all ends
    [8:52] Misprint Thursday: im thinking narritively
    [8:52] Misprint Thursday: fictionally
    [8:52] Misprint Thursday: about those who choose to remain anonymous
    [8:53] Misprint Thursday: with no other ties
    [8:53] Misprint Thursday: no blogs or emails or anything
    [8:54] Misprint Thursday: like after a disaster when people search for one another but here-of course the stakes are what-really nothing in the sense that if that relationship was important enough-identities would be revealed-at least in some non sl fashion
    [8:55] Misprint Thursday: take for example the “cemetery” of linden lab firings
    [8:55] Misprint Thursday: To me, that shows what level people compute on, culturally here
    [8:55] Misprint Thursday: those people did not die.
    [8:55] Misprint Thursday: They lost their jobs and it could have serious impacts on their families and have struggles
    [8:56] Misprint Thursday: For which I do feel for
    [8:56] Misprint Thursday: But on the same hand, to equate that with death
    [8:56] Misprint Thursday: like people really were grieving like it was a real death
    [8:56] Misprint Thursday: I don’t know. I don’t look at it like that. It’s not the same.
    [8:58] Misprint Thursday: As we move forward the battle will be with impermanence…and as with the real nothing is permanent…I can’t keep my skin from aging, I can’t keep my heart from one day stopping
    [8:58] SaveMe Oh: funny thing is this moving between real and unreal, and the emotions it generates
    [8:58] Misprint Thursday: I can take pictures of my skin the way it is, I can run fast and hard to feel my heart
    [8:58] Misprint Thursday: but i can’t stop them
    [8:58] Misprint Thursday: from changing
    [8:58] Misprint Thursday: or dying
    [8:58] Misprint Thursday: much like our digital selves
    [8:59] Misprint Thursday: as much as people believe in the Singularity there will always be ends to things
    [8:59] Misprint Thursday: things will end
    [8:59] Misprint Thursday: things will begin
    [8:59] Misprint Thursday: etc
    [9:00] Misprint Thursday: to set up a digital self assuming its impermanence is really less than optimal
    [9:00] Misprint Thursday: I say
    [9:00] Misprint Thursday: spend the time experiencing the real self
    [9:00] Misprint Thursday: because both will die anyways.
    [9:00] Misprint Thursday: period.
    [9:01] Misprint Thursday: EVEN if there are programs to anylize chat, to mimic how an avatar behaved with the original owner
    [9:02] Misprint Thursday: It will never have the same-connections, private messages, choice of uploads as the original person who controled and spoke for and created with that avatar
    [9:02] Misprint Thursday: no computer can or will replace human behavior.
    [9:02] Misprint Thursday: there can be highly specific programs written
    [9:02] Misprint Thursday: but nothing
    [9:02] Misprint Thursday: will ever compare
    [9:02] Misprint Thursday: to being human.
    [9:02] Misprint Thursday: πŸ™‚
    [9:03] SaveMe Oh: amen
    [9:03] SaveMe Oh: lol
    [9:04] Misprint Thursday: thank you
    [9:04] Misprint Thursday: bows
    [9:04] Misprint Thursday: and leaves the room
    [9:04] SaveMe Oh: when the storm passes over we can discuss more, lol
    [9:14] Misprint Thursday: this is also case and point of artistic context/content for SaveMe Oh. What would the difference be if I wrote it, or Bettina Tizzy wrote it, or whatever. See what I mean-one needs a context to decipher work.
    [9:14] SaveMe Oh: [9:02] Jaime Poutine: and the AU site going down is not a hoax
    [9:02] spirit Radikal: Saveme..need we say more πŸ˜‰
    [9:02] Lizbet Wycliffe: awww amny thanks
    [9:15] Misprint Thursday: this is one of your best pieces-may it live long and generate great fights hahahahah
    [9:16] SaveMe Oh: Im very busy collecting all the remarks
    [9:16] SaveMe Oh: and put it as replies on my blog
    [9:17] Misprint Thursday: well you have permission to use mine but only if i can spell check them.
    [9:17] Misprint Thursday: hahaha:)
    [9:17] SaveMe Oh: i never ask
    [9:17] Misprint Thursday: i know bitch.
    [9:17] SaveMe Oh: mmmm, nice

  6. [8:55] Lizzo Dreamscape: What???
    [8:55] SaveMe Oh: its so awful
    [8:55] Lizzo Dreamscape: no
    [8:55] Lizzo Dreamscape: how can it be
    [8:55] Lizzo Dreamscape: the site is still up
    [8:55] SaveMe Oh: they just pull the plug out next week
    [8:56] Lizzo Dreamscape: where did you get this?
    [8:57] SaveMe Oh:
    [8:57] Lizzo Dreamscape: that’s YOUR site
    [8:58] SaveMe Oh: yes, and?
    [8:59] Lizzo Dreamscape: where did the notecard ORIGINATE?
    [8:59] Lizzo Dreamscape: nothiing in the Google News about it.
    [9:00] SaveMe Oh: on CNN it is
    [9:01] Lizzo Dreamscape: nope
    [9:02] Lizzo Dreamscape: on that page now
    [9:02] Lizzo Dreamscape: where did you get that notecard?
    [9:02] SaveMe Oh: they send it to me
    [9:02] Lizzo Dreamscape: who?
    [9:03] Lizzo Dreamscape: “they”?
    [9:04] Lizzo Dreamscape: no where on the CNN page
    [9:04] Lizzo Dreamscape: no story’
    [9:04] Lizzo Dreamscape: no video
    [9:05] Lizzo Dreamscape: they would not sign it “The Second Life Team”
    [9:05] Lizzo Dreamscape: Philip Linden would have signed it
    [9:06] SaveMe Oh: you think so?
    [9:06] Lizzo Dreamscape: where did you get this?
    [9:06] Lizzo Dreamscape: why won’t you tell me?
    [9:06] SaveMe Oh: From the Linden, I thought
    [9:06] Lizzo Dreamscape: no….
    [9:06] Lizzo Dreamscape: the site is still up
    [9:07] Lizzo Dreamscape:
    [9:07] Lizzo Dreamscape: still asking people to join
    [9:07] Lizzo Dreamscape: they didn’t send it to me
    [9:07] SaveMe Oh: I already get the notice it’s not accesable
    [9:08] Lizzo Dreamscape: sounds like a prank
    [9:08] Lizzo Dreamscape:
    [9:09] Lizzo Dreamscape: I just got in
    [9:09] Lizzo Dreamscape: or you have a virus
    [9:09] Lizzo Dreamscape: just refreshed the page
    [9:09] Lizzo Dreamscape: still there
    [9:09] Lizzo Dreamscape: animation and everything
    [9:11] SaveMe Oh: Im also checking, but i get balckouts on different sites
    [9:11] Lizzo Dreamscape: are you in Japan?
    [9:11] SaveMe Oh: europe
    [9:12] Lizzo Dreamscape: weird
    [9:12] Lizzo Dreamscape: I am on their site
    [9:12] Lizzo Dreamscape: and we are still in world.
    [9:12] Lizzo Dreamscape: just got in again
    [9:13] SaveMe Oh: Well lets hope its not true
    [9:13] Lizzo Dreamscape: what does it say when you try to access the site?
    [9:15] SaveMe Oh: access denied
    [9:15] Lizzo Dreamscape: idk…
    [9:15] Lizzo Dreamscape: I am in
    [9:16] SaveMe Oh: Lizzo, sweetheart, Its all a joke, can’t let you suffer anymore.
    [9:16] Lizzo Dreamscape: oh .. ok
    [9:17] Lizzo Dreamscape: not much of a joke

  7. [8:39] Dantelicia Ethaniel: is it possible to get the link of that blog post about SL termination?
    [8:39] Jayjay Zifanwe: lol
    [8:39] SaveMe Oh:
    [8:39] Jayjay Zifanwe: thats bullshit
    [8:39] Jayjay Zifanwe: it is a replica of the avatars unite
    [8:40] Jayjay Zifanwe: announcement
    [8:40] Jayjay Zifanwe: avatars united is ending
    [8:40] Pixels Sideways: saveme’s been dipping into the crack again πŸ™‚
    [8:40] Jayjay Zifanwe:
    [8:40] Dantelicia Ethaniel: and here i was hoping
    [8:40] Dantelicia Ethaniel: laughs
    [9:01] Lizbet Wycliffe: Friday Greetings,,,i just picked up notecard sent that states SL is taking down the Grid 29 Septembre 2010 an i was shocked to read…Is This a Hoax??? Please somebody respond
    [9:02] Jayjay Zifanwe: hoax
    [9:02] Jaime Poutine: they arent taking down the grid they are taking down Avatars United website
    [9:02] Jaime Poutine: and the AU site going down is not a hoax
    [9:02] spirit Radikal: Saveme..need we say more πŸ˜‰
    [9:02] Lizbet Wycliffe: awww amny thanks
    [9:02] Lizbet Wycliffe: many*
    [9:02] Lizbet Wycliffe: blasted typos
    [9:03] Lizbet Wycliffe: smiles~
    [9:03] Lizbet Wycliffe: yes yes no more need be uttered
    [9:13] Lizbet Wycliffe: i didnt remember,,,Trust, but Verify LOL
    [9:14] spirit Radikal: hmm, verify..good advice
    [9:15] Lizbet Wycliffe: yes ..had i followed it ..i would not be blushes ..i abhore gossip Blast meh
    [9:15] Lizbet Wycliffe: Blushing*
    [9:15] spirit Radikal: πŸ™‚
    [9:16] Lizbet Wycliffe: aww…not smiling for them taking donw AU site however…it all goes beyond words do it not

  8. [9:24] Colette Nozomi: Was that notecard your idea of a joke?
    [9:25] SaveMe Oh: Im just passing the news I recieved
    [9:25] Colette Nozomi: From where?
    [9:25] SaveMe Oh: swedish sl forum

  9. [9:22] Apmel Goosson: WTF are you doing now Saveme?
    [9:23] SaveMe Oh: Spreading the news
    [9:23] Apmel Goosson: where did you get that news from?
    [9:24] SaveMe Oh: M Linden published it
    [9:24] Apmel Goosson: give me the link!
    [9:24] SaveMe Oh:
    [9:25] Apmel Goosson: not YOUR link..the Linden link
    [9:27] SaveMe Oh: was it not on the swedish sl forum too?
    [9:27] Apmel Goosson: of course NOT.. you will probably be banned fronm most of the group you used to send this
    [9:28] SaveMe Oh: should that bother me?
    [9:28] Apmel Goosson: no
    [9:28] SaveMe Oh: Even facebook banned me, am i dead?
    [9:29] Apmel Goosson: they took you back..must have been a dissapointment
    [9:29] SaveMe Oh: yes, now I have to check 3 accounts every day
    [9:29] SaveMe Oh: very uncomfortable
    [9:29] Apmel Goosson: horrible!
    [9:32] Apmel Goosson: got Tina to publish you again..wonder if she will publish this:)
    [9:32] SaveMe Oh: she must have got weak and got pity on me
    [9:33] Apmel Goosson: yes… must be
    [9:34] SaveMe Oh: In the end they all will be touched
    [9:34] Apmel Goosson: not me
    [9:35] SaveMe Oh: you are a tough guy
    [9:36] Apmel Goosson: yes..tough guys donΒ΄t dance

  10. [9:52] Roland Deerhunter: Hello, are you there?
    [9:53] SaveMe Oh: yes, for the moment
    [9:53] Roland Deerhunter: just a quick questions, did you send a note out saying SL is being shut down?
    [9:53] SaveMe Oh: yes, I recieved it myself too
    [9:54] Roland Deerhunter: are you going to report it to the Lindens?
    [9:54] SaveMe Oh: I guess they send it themselves
    [9:55] Roland Deerhunter: the properties of the note say you were the creator
    [9:55] SaveMe Oh: I made the note ofcourse, but the news came on the internet
    [9:55] SaveMe Oh: and on twitter
    [9:55] Roland Deerhunter: hmmm, I can’t find it on the internet or on the SL blog
    [9:58] Roland Deerhunter: Ahh, ok, now I see it in the blog, it’s for Avitars United, no SL
    [9:58] Roland Deerhunter: sorry to bother you
    [9:58] SaveMe Oh: ah ok

  11. This was an interesting experiment, for myself I just about had a heart attack when I received this notecard, because secretly I’ve been expecting something like this for a long time. All the changes and bad decisions LL keep making seem to me like the behavior of a company doing down. So your stunt was kind of cool, just please be careful, I can see them banning you for something like this!

  12. [9:18] Cataplexia Numbers: Hi Saveme, i read the notecatrd that you sent out via SL Art
    [9:18] Cataplexia Numbers: I hear that it is AVATARS UNITED which is closing, not the SL grid. The note has started a bit of panic and i think you need to check into thois further and perhaps write a retraction explaining what was intended

  13. It doesn’t matter either way.

    What we do in sl is for the doing and for the audience who pass through. To quote my favorite poet, Wallace Stevens:

    “Children picking up our bones
    Will never know that these were once
    As quick as foxes on the hill;

    And that in autumn, when the grapes
    Made sharp air sharper by their smell
    These had a being, breathing frost;

    And least will guess that with our bones
    We left much more, left what still is
    The look of things, left what we felt

    At what we saw.”

  14. Amethyst – 30 Sep 23:50 .SaveMe Oh
    That letter only refers to the ‘teen’ grid only not to the main grid. If you received it you are under 18 and on the teen grid. Please don’t start rumors by not stating all the facts.

  15. Don’t believe “SaveMe Oh,” that’s just an edited version of LL’s announcement to shut down avatars united. Think about it,

    “we have welcomed avatars from many virtual worlds and MMOs”

    Does that sound like it’s talking about SL? No it’s talking about AU.

  16. SaveMe Not – 01 Oct 01:00 .You see, this is what happens.

    SaveMe Oh ends up coming here with it’s made-up psycho-babble seeking attention because it believes this is where people are congregating. We must stop giving platforms to people who like to author make-believe letters about people who don’t exist.
    Close second life down, and watch what happens! That’s when people like SaveMe Oh end up in mental institutions. Overcrowding will become an issue. People I guess need the shelter of Second Life.

  17. Nite Page – 01 Oct 01:25 .I believe the above ‘correspondence’ to a SL resident to be completely and utterly false. Had this sort of email gone out to even a minority of users of Second Life, the resulting repercussions throughout the forums and merchant markets would be astounding.

    Also, having been in Second Life since 2004, I have never once seen an email from Linden Lab that started out “Dear Avatar and Second Life Member,”.

    Nice try. Thank you for playing.

  18. Linden Lab – 01 Oct 07:33 .lol @SaveMe Oh
    You have modified the Avatars United message to fit for Second Life πŸ˜€

  19. haha OMG , i lost that big joke , so sorry for that. i can imagine the panic .. everybody runing around the grid absolutly lost and tr ying to contact with their dears friends. This was, absolutllyyyyy.. your best crazynness. LMAOOOO.

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