The Day You Sell Your Soul To The Devil

In his unstoppable effort to make from secondlife an Art Idols environment where everyday somebody must be awarded with a prize, statue of slivetime achievement award UWA founder Jayjay Zifanwe now bought all curators from former active artsims (who are now reservations of the living dead) and gave them a position in which they all can still believe a little longer that they are of some use in a virtual world.

They all get the exiting assignment to make sure all the hundred left artists in SL receive awards on a regular base.

Who are these Art Idols jury members for the sponsored prizes? I name a few:

a Pirats Prize (selected by Merlina Rokocoko & Newbab Zsigmond)

These are the people who say they love art but are already spamming all social media for weeks with the only thing alive they could produce together, their son Tristan.

an Odyssey Prize (selected by Fau Ferdinand & Lizsolo Mathilde)

Two ladies who once believed in performance art, but are suffering now from a weakend brain after too much smoking and now at older age decided a watercolor isn’t that bad either.

a CARP Prize (selected by Josina Burgess & Velazquez Bonetto)

Megalomaniacs and lovers of the REMAKE. When you build something what was already done before and is impossible to see in normal view you are a guaranteed winner. Don’t forget to say yes to Josina’s dance invitation or you will still loose.

a BOSL Prize (selected by Frolic Mills & Giela Delpaso)

Two people I never heard of but I know Frolic in the Netherlands is dog food;

And then we have the new curator FreeWee Ling, who build the ugliest building since long in Caerleon (unless you are the last lover of Post Modernism) and we have Chantal Harvey taking  over the UWA theatre! The last thing is not so bad as she might not produce that much movies when she is busy with the theatre.

Abdullah Yazimoto: congratulations for treating the uwa comedy as it deserved

5 thoughts on “The Day You Sell Your Soul To The Devil

  1. Hey SaveMe do you have some Lindens? You could start a “Sim of the Banned” only artists who have been banned somewhere could join. It would be the greatest art in sl! You could allow guests in to watch but they would be muted.

    I guess by agreeing with you too much, I will be soon banned myself … I almost got censored for this mild show when I first joined 1 1/2 life.

    • I would like to start a sim like that, but on the moment I have to use up every Linden I earn to feed my 10 alts who have to go as secret agents in the sims where I am banned.

      • lol … did you get kicked out of the UWA Machinima awards? I was filming you dancing on top of JayJay but I crashed and when I came back you were gone. Strangely, he ignored my question about where you went … hahaha

  2. One of his slaves kicked me out. I had to use 3 SaveMe avatars that night to be there. And Jayjay is in the end the perfect prototype of a politician, he always keeps smiling when he stabs you in the back!

  3. I’m sorry you were snubbed by the powers that be. I don’t care about your artistic redundancy, or the tiresome nature of your self-important outrage; I’ll still give you the Special Jury Prize of my heart, and that’s what really matters. But please, don’t let your intellectual impotence translate into the more significant aspects of your performance! Though it might be painful, my acicular love will save you from irrelevance.

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