SaveMe Didn’t Save Philip

After a personal visit from your elected president SaveMe Oh to Second Life founder Philip Rosedale in San Francisco this summer (see earlier posts) Philip just announced that he feels forced to leave his role as “interim” CEO, a position he held for four months after replacing Mark Kingdon who was kicked out earlier by SaveMe Oh (due to an unstated “emergency”). SaveMe Oh went to the Second Life offices like a mad hurricane smashing everything she could get her axe and baseball bat on when she became aware of the fact that 30% of the staff was laid off.

After personally choose a replacement CEO, what could very well be your elected president herself, there will be drastic reforms.

Uploads will be free, all grids, open grid or private grids will be connected to one big virtual world, banning will be impossible, crossing borders will be encouraged and Burn, CARP, PIRATS, UWA, CAERLEON and all other Idol like Sims will be sold to McDonalds to finance the new developments.

SL community members will be surprised by this announcement. Please feel free to discuss further in Comments!

16 thoughts on “SaveMe Didn’t Save Philip

  1. What will be your new policies regarding the invasion of those dear little bambinos on the main grid? Will our President restore the Teen Grid? Will our President even create a Baby Grid for those mentally underaged idiots?
    Also, will she destroy Zindra and restore things as they were before?


    • I will shout: Let the children come to me. And I will create one babygrid for Baby Tristan, the child of PIRATS owners Merlina Rokococo and Newbab Zsigmond. I will lock baby Tristan up there and will create out of him my perfect succesor for the future. When Kim Jung Ill can do that, I should be able to do the same.

  2. Will there be a way for people to understand that SL is a place to create new a better ways of life, not to make the same stupid mistakes that everybody does in RL?

    • As long as we are not able to free our virtual world from the money business it will be a long struggle. And as long as we see people exhibit their RL paintings on virtual walls in which they did their best to make it look like a RL wall we might feel desperate but…..SL has you and me, so there is some small optimism about a little revolution on it’s way.

  3. This announcements is somewhat expected, actually. One offers congratulations on new developments and best wishes for the continued advancement and stability of the proprietary grid.

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