How Stupid Can You Be?

Jada Hoyer: I hope you can save me

SaveMe Oh: always

Jada Hoyer: I’m really in need of a camera person

SaveMe Oh: for what?

Jada Hoyer: a television network

Jada Hoyer: the next project is a dj special

SaveMe Oh: I am not a cameraperson but a moviemaker

Jada Hoyer: that’s what I ment, I’m sorry, machinima  artist

Jada Hoyer: are you deep in projects atm?

SaveMe Oh: I have all my SL to do whatever I like

SaveMe Oh: so if you have an idea, let me know what you exactly want

SaveMe Oh: then I can consider

SaveMe Oh: filming a dj set doesn’t ring a bell

Jada Hoyer: well mostly it’s like reality show

Jada Hoyer: I have a host to interview the dj’s sitting and you film

SaveMe Oh: Then you better ask somebody else, sounds extremely boring

Jada Hoyer: ok

Jada Hoyer: well tyvm

SaveMe Oh: yw

Jada Hoyer: have a good day

SaveMe Oh: you too

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