Visual Sudoku

Last times artists produce a tsunami of visuals in artworks or machinima in which the viewer is completely lost, steaming rotating factories produce metaphysical mystic metaphors and lost characters wander around in post apocalyptic landscapes with often links to some kind of high level inspiration. But these links are so hidden that the modern art lover has to study the whole Wikipedia first to get some kind of clue. Now there is nothing wrong to study a little sometimes but to transfer artworks in modern visual Sudoku’s in which you have to puzzle hours what their creator might have meant to say is pretentious snobbism of the creator, a creator who thinks the DaVinci Code from Dan Brown is art, instead of a detective novel. Please give an artwork the freedom to speak for itself and before doing a machinima go yourself to Wikipedia and read some articles about storytelling.

When the artwork is meant as a therapy maybe it’s an idea that the patient/artist let us know this on forehand so we can adapt our comments in favor of the recovery from the mental illness.

5 thoughts on “Visual Sudoku

  1. I agree! If you have to explain it, the art isn’t working. The same thing goes in rl. Here in Canada when I have trouble sleeping I go to “artists talks” – let it be mysterious … the experience doesn’t have to be put into words – in fact it’s better if it moves you and you can’t explain why! That’s real art. IMHO

    I wrote a bad poem which had references to five other poems, but then I had the idea to publish it on the web and put links in it so everyone could read my poem AND the others that inspired me …. I even used Wikipedia links in the first draft LOL

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