I Like Your Nasty And Sincere Way To Be

Earlier that night:

znort Gant: I tell you shortly, I could hear your name and I’ve seen your profile and links

znort Gant: I am making a magazine, totally new in sl

znort Gant: I would like to propose you to collaborate with me

SaveMe Oh: In what way?

znort Gant: speaking about art of sl and internet

znort Gant: I like your nasty and sincere way to be

znort Gant: may I ask you to be friend?

SaveMe Oh: yes, sure

Later that night:

znort Gant is Online

SaveMe Oh: at 3 PM I will do a live performance in Odyssey

SaveMe Oh: maybe you like to see

znort Gant: off course yes

Then he watched my Fundamental Environmental Roadshow during the ZEITGEIST event.

znort Gant: sorry if I disturbed you but I don’t think we can work together. I don’t understand why you put Berlusconi with all that dictators

SaveMe Oh: Because he is one of them

znort Gant: where do you live?

SaveMe Oh: Netherlands

znort Gant: ok I understand

znort Gant: I don’t like at all Berlusconi

Gant: but Italy is one of the most free countries in this world

znort Gant: you watch too much TV maybe

SaveMe Oh: I thought you want to make a magazine about art

znort Gant: about true art

znort Gant: your art is garbage

SaveMe Oh: so glad we found that out in time

znort Gant: stay in Netherlands and don’t move

SaveMe Oh: are you in Italy?

znort Gant: I use to live in Rome London and Tokyo

SaveMe Oh: And you are into art and offended by this?????

znort Gant: is not this the point

znort Gant: firstly you can’t put Berlusconi together with dictators

znort Gant: he is a shit

znort Gant: quite the same of 99% of prime minister of many countries

znort Gant: second

znort Gant: your is not art

SaveMe Oh: art is meant to make you think, it did very well

znort Gant: yes, yes sure

znort Gant: the modern concept of art, so anything is art, right?

SaveMe Oh: of course not

SaveMe Oh: but you are the reason of making more

SaveMe Oh: as long as people like you walk around it is so much needed

SaveMe Oh: First you look like an art lover and now you turn out to be a conservative in disguise

SaveMe Oh: go take pictures of elf’s, dwarfs and wizards in Immersiva.

SaveMe Oh: and call in the teaparty

znort Gant: you don’t know me

znort Gant: sl pictures and machinima is garbage also

SaveMe Oh: so why you asked me?

znort Gant: reading your blog I believed you was an aggressive art opinionist, or something like this

znort Gant: sorry if I am rude

znort Gant: I’ll never learn to respect different things in sl

SaveMe Oh: you are so contradicting

SaveMe Oh: strange

znort Gant: contradicting?

SaveMe Oh: wanting aggressive art opinions but not aggressive art

znort Gant: aggressive art ok

znort Gant: but your is not really art

SaveMe Oh: when you say so

znort Gant: I’m sorry ok?

znort Gant: I come to look for you

znort Gant: after all sl is just a hobby

SaveMe Oh: yes it is, I am going to put this conversation on my blog to celebrate the hobby of both of us.

11 thoughts on “I Like Your Nasty And Sincere Way To Be

  1. Hahahahahaha … good thing you enjoy jousting with fools SaveMe because you are an Idiot Magnet!

    Watch out here comes more!

  2. Dear mister Gant, please sent me a copy of your remarkable new SL magazine. Does it have a name allready? I’m very curious what to expect from “aggressive art opinions but not aggressive art” ??

  3. Wow what an arsehole, another on my list to avoid.
    I really enjoyed your performance last night SaveMe, was actually the first time I’ve managed to see your live work. Not sure what znort Gant’s problem was, for me it was intelligent, funny and definitely thought provoking, I reckon he just wanted an argument.

  4. Rather difficult to understand his opinion about why Berlusconi should be apart.
    Seems he is more interested by provocation than by art…

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