The Day Velazquez Bonetto Was Hit By Real Art

As you all might know I am exhibited on the moment in UWA as the best artwork ever in SL.

Velazquez Bonetto: hi saveme

Kandinsky Beaumont: Hi SaveMe I just wondered where you were in this

SaveMe Oh: I am exhibited here

Kandinsky Beaumont: good piece of work, right I can see that now, very 3D

SaveMe Oh: very good, I would say the best

Kandinsky Beaumont: probably as usual…

SaveMe Oh: yes, sorry, I also can’t help that

Kandinsky Beaumont: No it is your extreme talent.

Kandinsky Beaumont: I know you should maybe have a tip jar to collect help for your suffering

SaveMe Oh: I am not that desperate

Kandinsky Beaumont: I am seriously tired of all the pictures without inhalt

SaveMe Oh: yes me too, everything here looks like a standstill for more than 3 years

Kandinsky Beaumont: I am desperately looking for real raw political art I sl…where is it?

Kandinsky Beaumont: there is You and some others but mostly there is coquettery

SaveMe Oh: yes, its an old ladies tea party

SaveMe Oh: Like Josina who is close to us

Entering chat range: Josina Burgess (19m)

Kandinsky Beaumont: yes I saw her things over there

SaveMe Oh: you think she was already hit by an artwork?

Kandinsky Beaumont: I haven´t seen much of her actually but I remember a banning of you…that’s when I lost interest

SaveMe Oh: that’s the good thing when you are banned, you don’t have to see their shit anymore

Kandinsky Beaumont: tell me are you here all the time? hehe must be like doing military service

SaveMe Oh: I have 37 alts

Kandinsky Beaumont: Hi Velasques

SaveMe Oh: don’t worry, you have to see it as a limited edition of me

Kandinsky Beaumont: sorry for bad spelling Velazquez

Velazquez Bonetto: nop

SaveMe Oh: he had to Google it himself too

Velazquez Bonetto: ah saveme is the handcontroled moving artwork

Kandinsky Beaumont: hehe

SaveMe Oh: I am the artwork

SaveMe Oh: nothing more, nothing less

Velazquez Bonetto: yes I know

Kandinsky Beaumont: always well dressed also

Velazquez Bonetto: is on the attached table

SaveMe Oh: did an artwork already hit you once?

Kandinsky Beaumont: Taking care of her creation

SaveMe Oh hits Velazquez Bonetto with her baseball bat

SaveMe Oh: how did that feel?

Velazquez Bonetto: yepp nice argumentation

SaveMe Oh: is that interactive art or not?

Velazquez Bonetto: sure it is

SaveMe Oh: unscripted

Velazquez Bonetto: not really, your whole body is scripted but from the Lindens

SaveMe Oh: he is such a bore, always try to destroy an illusion

SaveMe Oh: he doesn’t realize that it is the illusions and stories that count

Kandinsky Beaumont: sorry have to leave you now…

Kandinsky Beaumont: I close my eyes for dreams…

SaveMe Oh: do you want to leave yourself or you want help?

SaveMe Oh hits Kandinsky Beaumont with her baseball bat

Kandinsky Beaumont: o god I am thrown away like trash did you hit me SaveMe?

SaveMe Oh: you were struck by an artwork

SaveMe Oh: touched by a work of art

SaveMe Oh: it moved you

SaveMe Oh: Josina, were you already touched by art?

SaveMe Oh hits Josina Burgess with her baseball bat

3 thoughts on “The Day Velazquez Bonetto Was Hit By Real Art

    • You will not be hit by a baseball bat but by art, touched by art. An appointment can make the artexperience more worthwile.

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