Refused Artwork – Josina in Pirats


SaveMe Oh’s latest artwork was refused for the december rounds of UWA.

To make sure you can still enjoy it please ask me for an official copy in IM.

I will send the work to you so you can place it somewhere or wear it.

Rose Borchovski: I would like a copy please

Apmel Goosson: send me one

Lapsus Weinstein: hi, could I have that copy?

Lanne Wise: well I hope it wasnt censorship!!!  saveme, please send it along – and thank you for all you do in sl.  I always enjoy your work.  peace.

Graine Macbain: Could I have one too, SaveMe?

Graine Macbain: why was it refused?

Rose Borchovski: he he, funny))

Graine Macbain: Funny Rose?

Rose Borchovski: the  art work)

Lapsus Weinstein: how could it insult his guests?

Lapsus Weinstein: (or her, if jayjay is female)

Rose Borchovski: he is male

Lapsus Weinstein: I cannot see anything insulting anyone

SaveMe Oh: as he invites all sl to be his jurymembers there are a lot of people offended quick

Lapsus Weinstein: are they so sensitive?

Lapsus Weinstein: poor 😦

SaveMe Oh: very

Rose Borchovski: I actually think it is good for the art work it has been banned, it  would have been forgotten,  now it can become famous

SaveMe Oh: I think so too

SaveMe Oh: otherwise it was just one of the 291

Rose Borchovski: I  think secreltly you hoped it would happen

SaveMe Oh: I am always surprised it happens to be honest, but yes, this is better

Rose Borchovski: you are so tender dear

SaveMe Oh: I am, it always surprises me, i must be to naive

Lapsus Weinstein: wow

Lapsus Weinstein: I discovered the INSULT!

Lapsus Weinstein: I didn’t know that SAD were an insult

Lapsus Weinstein: I’m learning new things each day I spend in sl lol

Rose Borchovski: can you share with us?

Lapsus Weinstein: I’m reading the BLASPHEMY

Lapsus Weinstein: “pirats  sad network”

Rose Borchovski: ))

Lapsus Weinstein: really, saveme hurted them in a terrible way

Rose Borchovski: I’m sure they can appreciate the joke)

SaveMe Oh: dont be to sure

Lapsus Weinstein: you’re ever optimistic Rose, and finding the best side of everything

SaveMe Oh: they try to remove this texture from facebook

Rose Borchovski: I know , I tried to be cynical

Rose Borchovski: Pirats banned me aswell

Rose Borchovski: they think I love Saveme to much

SaveMe Oh: Rose, you do the soft work, let me do the cynical

Lapsus Weinstein: it’s becoming a honor

Rose Borchovski: yes yes , I’m back in my corner

Lapsus Weinstein: I’m tempted

SaveMe Oh: try Lapsus

SaveMe Oh: on PIRATS

Lapsus Weinstein: the question is that I’m not an artist

Rose Borchovski: are we not all in sl

SaveMe Oh: Its not artists who get banned there but people with an opinion

SaveMe Oh: so you will do good lapsus

Lapsus Weinstein: so, it’s quite simple

SaveMe Oh: walk around there with this artwork attached and see what happens

Lapsus Weinstein: like ‘pirats hasn’t any sense of humour’ ?

SaveMe Oh: not an ounce

Lapsus Weinstein: anyway, as Rose told, no mind if they ban me

Lapsus Weinstein: the honour is for you and Rse

SaveMe Oh: being banned is a way of freedom

Lenz Bovarro: I’m interested in the last artwork of SaveMe Oh and I’ll appreciate to receive it, sincerely Lenz

Lemonodo Oh: I’d be interested in seeing or possibly wearing the work you mention this morning, “Refused Artwork – Josina in Pirats.”  I am very sorry to hear about this profound setback as I face similar challenges.  Regards.

Ed Vespucciano: Are they kidding? This is banned? That is so sad.

SaveMe Oh: It’s not banned, it was refused as an entry

Ed Vespucciano: UWA sad university

Constance Brinner: Can i have a copy also Saveme ?

Constance Brinner: THanks

Ed Vespucciano: I think you should have given up on UWA when your depressed smilies didn’t win – that was a brilliant piece 🙂

SaveMe Oh: I am not here to win anything

SaveMe Oh: The piece is about the sadness SL becomes one big Idols contest

Rose Borchovski: lets not give up on any one, better have a discussion

Ed Vespucciano: yeah … I forgot …. just to be banned and refused …  I agree competition is a fasle goal for art

Rose Borchovski: Jayjay is playing Saveme game, actually the first curator who stays in communication with Saveme

Ed Vespucciano: did he come around and get hit with the bat?

SaveMe Oh: (he wants to marry me)

Ed Vespucciano: haha

Ed Vespucciano: everyone wants that LOL

SaveMe Oh: of course I hit him, but it was not hard enough

Ed Vespucciano: 🙂

Penelope Parx: we are here with Lenz…rezzed your artwork  20 minuts ago… and waiting…WHEN  it will explode????

SaveMe Oh: never, but it’s very frightening, isn’t it?

Penelope Parx: enough

Sca Shilova: what did hey refuse?????

Sca Shilova: mag ik er een

Sca Shilova: so funny that she won

Sca Shilova: vriendjespolitiek

Kikas Babenco: Who must I kill to have your new artwork?

Marmaduke Arado: hello, can you leak me the artwork please?

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