Save SIC List

In an answer on the list of the idiot Prokovsky Neva about the fetid inner core (FIC list) of some people I come now with my own SIC list, the people with a shining inner core.

First on the list is:

SaveMe Oh, an artist that shines so bright that she almost enlightens all secondlife on her own.

Now the complete list of all the others:

Wizard Gynoid ( because she payed me 199 linden to be add here)

Iono Allen (pity he is sooooooooooooo slow)

Kikas Babenco

Marmaduke Arado

Penelope Parx

ColeMarie Soleil

Ampel Goosson (only his enemies call him Apmel)

Fau Ferdinand

Sole Jie (why you left us?)

Dan Yapungku

Roxelo Babenco

Eros Boa

Rose Borchovski (although she forbid me to call her Josina ever again)

Arahan Claveau

Lapsus Weinstein

Penumbra Carter

CallieDel Boa

Miso Susanowa (SIC hidden deep)

Ed Vespucciano

Cat Shilova

Bruco Sartre (She will hate me forever when she see herself on this list)

Caravaggio Bonetto

Cupido Oh (pain in the ass but related)

Larkworthy Antfarm

Mirja Bonetto

Clovis Luik

Naxos Loon

Pol Jarvinen

Pyewacket Kazyanenko

soror Nishi

lizsolo Mathilde

typote Beck

Yaia Nishi

Crystalship Rehula

SaveMe Oaklourne

SaveMe Oberueng

SaveMe Ocelot

SaveMe Oddson

SaveMe Ogleby

SaveMe Ogura

SaveMe OHare

SaveMe Ohmai

SaveMe Okelli

SaveMe Oleander

SaveMe Olihenge

SaveMe Oliphaunt

SaveMe Olivieri

SaveMe Oller

SaveMe Oompa

SaveMe Opaque

SaveMe Optera

SaveMe Oran

SaveMe Orcenhall

SaveMe Orchid

SaveMe Ordinary

SaveMe Orfan

SaveMe Organiser

SaveMe Ornamental

SaveMe Orsini

SaveMe Osei

SaveMe Oskar

SaveMe Osmus

SaveMe Oval

SaveMe Ovis

Saveme Oxalis

SaveMe Oximoxi

SaveMe Oxidor

SaveMe Oxygen

SaveMe Oysternatz

SaveMe Ozigard

For the FIC list (the ones with a stinking inner core) of Prokovsky Neva I recommend:

Velazquez Bonetto

Jayjay Zifanwe

Igor Ballyhoo

Eifachfilm Vacirca

Josina Burgess

Newbab Zsigmond

Calimera Lane

HP Darcy

znort Gant

Luciella Lutrova

Merlina Rokocoko

Alizarin Goldflake

Chi5 Shenzhou

Medora Chevalier

Ataro Asbrink

DanCoyote Antonelli

Feathers Boa

TheDove Rhode

Debbie Trilling

Loup Erin

White Lebed

Isabella Alphaville

Georg Janick

MathieuL Bravin

constructivIST Solo

Bettina Tizzy

Lowe Runo

FALCO Tomsen

Tezcatlipoca Bisiani

Jce Emote

Coco Jaxxon

SunShine Kukulcan

Klink Epsilon

Francesca Alva

Henry125 Petrov

Elodie Footman

Flora Nordenskiold

ppmediadev Blinker

When you are not on any of the lists, send me some LINDEN and I add you wherever you want.

25 thoughts on “Save SIC List

    • So, learn from me, I only checked my friends list and seperate them in the good and the bad. And yes, It looks like you have nothing better to do, but everybody has the right to do nothing, even you.

      • I’m such an un-friend you deleted me as such, but I’m still on this list? That’s no way to treat former (yet intimate) companion. 😦

  1. [13:40] Rose Borchovski: (Saved Thu Jan 20 00:43:38 2011) Jayjay Zifanwe: hi josina 🙂
    [15:41] Rose Borchovski: uhhhh?
    [15:42] Jayjay Zifanwe: lol
    [15:42] Rose Borchovski: now you have to rinse your mouth with soap
    [15:42] Jayjay Zifanwe: haha
    [15:42] Rose Borchovski: ouch, swearing like that to me
    [15:42] Rose Borchovski: )
    [15:42] Jayjay Zifanwe: well since saveme oh promised not to call you that.. somebody else has to take pver haha
    [15:42] Rose Borchovski: hahaha
    [15:42] Rose Borchovski: she told you that
    [15:43] Rose Borchovski: saveme needs a spanky
    [15:43] Jayjay Zifanwe: lol
    [15:43] Rose Borchovski: I told save that I bann her when she calls me josina again

  2. i did not leave you,, i am just having a long break.. 🙂 i am still interested in everything that happend out there.. and i have my eyes over you… sooooo.. dont be baddd!!! xxxx love you the same

  3. Thank you very much SaveMe Oh. It’s a great pleasure to be on your list, though please put me in a class of my own, cause I’m really the worst kind of person.


  4. I was on one of PN’s lists a while back, fortunately I fell off her radar, I think that happens if you just ignore the silly old goose. And quite pleased I am now shining, rather than stinking or fetid. I will spread the word that you are accepting bribes.

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