After 2 refused artworks the ArtIkea UWA finally accepted an entree from me.

First they refused my movie Save And Easy that I made inside the work from Alizarin Goldflake because I made a little fun about this crybaby. They refused the work instead of praising me for the best movie ever made of her work.

Second they refused my JOSINA work, again because they were so afraid the feelings of a pixelate pseudoartist and based on nothing judge Josina Burgess would be angry.

But now they accept finally a work: UWÄRT, the ultimate entree as it is Do It Yourself art. Example is on the cover and just fix the shit yourself. You can even enter it yourself to the contest. Is it easy or is it not easy?


Some nice converstion during the setup of the piece in UWA:

Miah Seetan: Here is our pieces

Alexxannder Firehawk: I see that, they look great

Miah Seetan: I really think you have a shot at winning something here.

Alexxannder Firehawk: I hope so, but your piece is just as good as mine.

Miah Seetan: Thank you, but you have done this a lot longer than me.

Entering chat range: Jayjay Zifanwe (13m)

SaveMe Oh: they both will win nothing, they are really nothing

SaveMe Oh: and the judges here are all bought

SaveMe Oh: they only vote for their own friends

SaveMe Oh: so just be happy with your stuff standing here

SaveMe Oh: and… making art is not about winning prizes, you fools

SaveMe Oh: then better buy a shop for your awful stuff

Miah Seetan: Personally Ms Oh, I think you are full of crap and I believe we have just as good of shot of winning.

SaveMe Oh: for that awful blob thing?

SaveMe Oh: its so oldfasioned

SaveMe Oh: saying nothing really

Miah Seetan: Well I see nothing in your display.

SaveMe Oh: we are not talking about my work, I am already the most famous artist so why care

SaveMe Oh: You know how often that Zifanwe guy tried to marry me??

SaveMe Oh: but its good we are neighbours, your works fit great with my IKEA work

Miah Seetan: So you have an illigitment baby there. must sleep around a lot.

Miah Seetan: Jayjay thanks for the opportunity

Miah Seetan: Our displays look great.

SaveMe Oh: Jayjay, please some ugly pottery on my right too

SaveMe Oh: make my work look good

Jayjay Zifanwe: ok saveme behave ya

21 thoughts on “UWÄRT In UWA

  1. remember saveme… honest opinions are not appreciated at SL “art” shows…
    white lies and as many varities of the term “I like your work” as you can invent are the most valued social items that you can wield… you forgot that the hobbists start thinking they are real artists after spending too many hours straight standing in front of sculpty blobs letting people comment masturbate on how great their “art” is. There are reasons I don’t go to art shows anymore. 99% of the time I am sighing and rolling my eyes and bitching in albino girls IMs.

    • Ohhh, don’t lie about your age. We all wish we could of accomplished more, especially when we cross the threshold of the half-century wallowing in mediocrity, which I am a quarter of crossing as such. Admit it, often it is the most deserving people who cannot help loving those who destroy them, and I, oh so I wish, am deserving of your love! Do not forsake your true calling as the guiding insistently-bottoming pederast in my life.

    • Although most men such as yourself become somewhat flaccid and useless at the age of 60, you reassured me that your equipment still functioned perfectly with the assistance of small blue pills, as the resulting erections were described vividly via IM. So, don’t cater to the ageist nature of flatteringly constructed online personas, and embrace the reality of your identity.

      • 33 is about the age of Jesus, you dumbo, and actually I am almost 4. But if you want me to be a black fat male from 83 is also fine for me.

      • I think I just realized where you get your inspiration for what you do. It is most obviously, your limp dick. Neither you nor your limp dick has anything to do with Jesus. Stick to the topic at hand, plz.

  2. Nix the useless negative porn comments – go to UWA and vote for this piece with an IDEA behind it. Maybe Jayjay and his band of Merry Men will also get the idea. Voting is open now by clicking on SaveMe’s nameplate.

    • Why would I vote for this mediocrity? 95% of SL art is completely irrelevant, and his act is beyond stale. SaveMe an impotent little man who compensates for his lack of talent/life with a pseudo-troll persona best suited for the anonymous depths of 4chan. What kind of loser has that maniacal drive to troll SL 16 hours a day? What’s funny, is that he cracks when subjected to the same tactics he employs. Why? Because he’s an old fuck that thinks he’s relevant by griefing other ignorant, confused old fucks with sock puppets. They’re slow moving targets; they’re easily trollable due to the personal nature of SL and the age demographic. As for you – speaking of 4chan – go back to your hugbox.

      • I know my existance is futile compared by the great Chi5, the most famous loft builder of Secondlife, who’s name is on everybodies lips, and who attrackt busloads of overenthousiastic fans to his remarkable building. International architecture magazines are lining up to get the rights of publicing about this mastermind and everybody want to know: “how in heavens name you constructed that increddible gate?” Is there a posibilty we can get your autograph?

      • Please, I don’t build anymore because the SL medium is creatively stifling with a stodgy, incestuous art community whose conceptual understanding of digital media is stuck a two decades in the past. Building to facilitate work that bores me isn’t gratifying. I have my own pursuits, but it amuses me to pop by and have a chat with you every few months. Actually, you did teach me something important: how SL shouldn’t be taken seriously as an art form, as it is a dead medium bereft of innovation. I won’t waste any more time dabbling with it except for shits and giggles. I do applaud you for your cult of personality, but do you realize that Gaz was making superior work in a related vein over three years ago? You have none of her wit, humor or technical prowess. You and your work bore me just as much as the afformentioned “slow moving targets” you lambast. You need to understand that you don’t walk on water: you’re just another small fish in a small pond. Can’t the big bad critic take a critique?

  3. A final thought, as I’ve used up my quota of time designated for mocking your online persona: why not make some interesting work in theatre, rather than spending all your efforts playing an online video game – because lets be honest, that’s what SL has degenerated into – and bullying these little old tea-garden afficianados? Or hell, if you like digital media so much, brush up on your computer skills and make some relevant viral art that could reach millions of internet users at large, rather than playing in the shallow end of the pond. Be well, SaveMe, and I do hope your endeavors lead you somewhere interesting.

  4. I hope I will be able to continue my small steps in futility without you remarkable points of view who open me my eyes everytime I am lost on one off my dead end roads. But please consider at least one time a come back in SL, because the greatest honor you could give me is you finish my UWÄRT. As your unique LOFT building skills are already deeply missed.

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