The Banmothers

Lately we have a new specie of ban stars, THE BANMOTHERS. They are not the kind who ban you forever but act like the mothers who send a child to her room and say: “no diner for you tonight, young lady!”

They pretend to be the modern kind of mothers who warn you first a few times but then let you know who is in charge really.

First it happened with the owner of maybe the most ugly gallery in SL, Flora Nordenskiold from Nordan Art. First she forced poor Betty Tureaud to place her art (that only makes sense when it gets free space) in the ugly rooms she has. Then, when I came there and volunteered to jam with the Aquarius musician UltraLight Weight to make at least some kind of party she warned me and then ejected and banned me. But the next day the slimy motherly creature sends me this halfhearted notice in IM:

Flora Nordenskiold: ban is lifted; you are welcome back to nordan art whenever you please

SaveMe Oh: ty darling, of course you are also welcome to visit me anytime you want, just call me.

And then the second case in Arte Libera where they rebuild Auschwitz. To make sure every idiot recognizes it they put very sensitive Arbeit Macht Frei above the gate. I believe immediately that it is meant as a remembrance space, but during the opening they were not amused when a discussion started about the still going on treat of Fascism. They prefer to handle it as some kind of circus.

Igor Ballyhoo started a good discussion about the Italian contribution to warcrimes but it was not appreciated and Simba Schumann warned me to stop playing the protagonist.

simba Schumann: Hi save me, I’m sorry, but tonight I don’t want any protagonism

simba Schumann: this performance is not by nessuno or kicca or others

simba Schumann: it’s a way to remember, ty

SaveMe Oh: then explain that

SaveMe Oh: it’s your job

simba Schumann: it’s the reason about this exhibit

SaveMe Oh: explain that in chat, not to me, I don’t question that

simba Schumann: there is an actor who is reading

simba Schumann: I only want to hear him

SaveMe Oh: invite him to your house for a private performance

SaveMe Oh: here we are with all people from around the world

SaveMe Oh: or close your eyes and listen to him

simba Schumann: I have to ask you stop with this play SaveMe, please

simba Schumann: I ask you to leave for a day your egocentrism

simba Schumann: this is not the good location for it

simba Schumann: I love very much your art

simba Schumann: and you know it

SaveMe Oh: Ban me in Auschwitz if you dare, this is the place for freedom of speech and expression

simba Schumann: but I don’t like this way of being here

SaveMe Oh: and I don’t like at all you comment

SaveMe Oh: this is about principles

simba Schumann: no this is only desire to be see

SaveMe Oh: congratulate your securitate from me, Storm is an accurate name

simba Schumann: it’s only temporarily:)

SaveMe Oh: I know, but it’s very questionable

simba Schumann: I’m sorry

simba Schumann: I believe in respect

SaveMe Oh: I believe in freedom

simba Schumann: freedom in respect of others

SaveMe Oh: respect is giving freedom

simba Schumann: freedom is respect others freedom too

SaveMe Oh: and that ability you have

SaveMe Oh: you can mute, you can look the other side, and you can turn your view

SaveMe Oh: you are expecting behavior in a virtual world that is not a theatre, concert hall or a parliament

SaveMe Oh: you obstruct interaction

simba Schumann: you want ever a theatre for you

simba Schumann: sometimes you can’t have it

SaveMe Oh: I want always to be able to react on what I see as I am watching my screen

simba Schumann: I love your creativity and you know

simba Schumann: and I’m very sorry but I believe in respect

SaveMe Oh: normally I accept this with a big laugh, but I was last year in Auschwitz and Berlin Memorial site, and I think it very cynical to be banned in Auschwitz

simba Schumann: I think it’s very cynical to want to be protagonist in Auschwitz

SaveMe Oh: no better go to sleep and wait till it passes over

SaveMe Oh: wake up please

SaveMe Oh: when you host this you have a responsibility towards discussion

SaveMe Oh: it’s not a circus

simba Schumann: you right

simba Schumann: so I’m discussing with you

SaveMe Oh: yes, hero

And then she lets her captain STORM (What’s in a name) ban and eject me. Of course with the assurance that next time I am very welcome again.

The BANMOTHERS, the new specie of Secondlife.

The only good thing is that Igor Ballyhoo finally unmuted me, tired as he was to see always a grey spot close to him but he forbid me to call him Darling. So now I call him Honey. Wow, does that man has a body!

4 thoughts on “The Banmothers

  1. Tell them about your cute SS costume you have planned. By the way, SaveMe, simba: the word you want is ANTAGONIST, you dumb fucks. However, you can play the PROTAGONISTS in your own private theatrical productions.

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