Destroy SaveMe Oh

After Jayjay Zifanwe performed in secret  the story Snow White in which he removed Snow White and put me in place to let me be kissed awake by Ampel, now my once best friend Pyewacket Kazyanenko released a secret sextape in which I was intimite with Igor Ballyhoo. She must have payed Jayjyay of Newbab large sums of money to get this tape that was stolen by the France secret service out of my apartement some years ago.

I strongly protest against this release, only brought in publicity to harm me and stop me from fighting the artmob. Well, let me all tell you this, now I am really pissed and I will fuck you all!

6 thoughts on “Destroy SaveMe Oh

  1. Im open to an arrangement in Lindens dollars. There are more tapes..the entire Pirate crew, UWA Judges even a few Linden avatars reputations are at stake. You’ve been busy Miss Save Me Oh ‘behind’ the scenes of those ‘art’ movies.

    • I fucked them all in the hope once I could blackmail them. How did you get the tapes? About what amount of arrangement you were thinking off?

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