Lawsuit Against Pyewacket Kazyanenko

Dear Pyewacket Kazyanenko

I must inform you that we strongly object the video ( see older post) you made involving the image of the most famous artist of Secondlife, SaveMe Oh.

This video show is a violent attack on her art, her image and her avatar which is a registered trademark of art.
I’m SaveMe Oh of The Salvation Army, a European registered nonprofit organization (#W1 1450146 Préfecture de Strasbourg – France).

Pyewacket uses a modified SaveMe Oh image in obscene scenes to denigrate my salvation attempts of lost artists and egocentric simowners.
– She said John Taylor of Duran Duran is fucking me but that is a lie. In secondlife I only fucked Dagger1 Dagger (until Sole Jie stole him fom me), Tusken Sabre, who was  a corpse, Duke Palen and Namvet Beerbaum. In some of my movies I needed to have “functional sex for artsake” but that was always with willing alts.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

– She threats SaveMe Oh that is my artist name registered at European fiscal administration.

It’s a copyright violation and a defamation.

SaveMe Oh website :


It’s not the first time Pyewacket harass someone of the secondlife community on, MySpace, Youtube and others platforms but this time she stepped over a line for the defamation of me, associating me as a Duran Duran lover.
We must inform you that we contact European authorities and our lawyer for a legal action against Pyewacket Kazyanenko and all persons or organizations that promote this, for copyright violation, defamation and harassment.

SaveMe Oh
aka Cheesus and New president of SL

Februari 11, 2011

Ps: See the damage already been done:

Pussy Foo: Art Sex Crime News Flash!

2 thoughts on “Lawsuit Against Pyewacket Kazyanenko

  1. My God, I thought it was Michel Bolton fucking SaveMe all the time… have already asked him for an interview about his rections on this scandalous acting from Pyewacket…

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