Solidarity From The Teaparty

SaveMe Oh: why am i banned here?

Kelly Yap: because at one time you made a display at an opening

SaveMe Oh: And?

Kelly Yap: I can’t have that

SaveMe Oh: So you ban me forever?

Kelly Yap: I”m an individual paying a monthly tier and i can’t afford to have my place used like that

soror Nishi: awww….your bad rep precedes you

Miso Susanowa: *shrug* she’s right

Miso Susanowa: it isn’t a SaveMe Oh Show

Juanita Deharo: I didnt ban you- you can go and look at my gallery

4 thoughts on “Solidarity From The Teaparty

  1. With all ladies of your age I can imagine that you liked it. From outside I was deep inside happy that I could skip the magic mushrooms and the PEACE shouting.

  2. I always find it funny how you imply that the conversations you post aren’t edited, when we both know they are 🙂

    It would help context for you to mention that YOU IMed ME, all in a weepy tizzy because Kelly banned you, which is your stated aim. I replied in a reasonable manner, reminding you that the show was not “all about you” which seems to be your program when you invade other artist’s shows. Why is this? Don’t you have enough shows of your own? Or maybe enough people to massage your ego at your shows?

    You think people should respect your ‘art’ and yet your ‘art’ is based on disrespecting everyone else. You don’t post things honestly; you manipulate them by selective editing. Why not post our ENTIRE IM and let people see what really happens and is said?

    It’s really a shame, SaveMe. You label us The Tea Party, yet you are the one who seems to have extremely rigid rules about “what is art” and what is acceptable in YOUR view… which is very Granny-like and turgid. You might as well be Nancy Reagan or Prok.

    It’s this problem I have with your “art” – I really don’t feel it is honest. If it was, I might be able to support it, whether or not I liked it. But watching you switch positions on your blog, your actions and your “conversations” and being able to spot the contradictions, alterations and sheer manipulations makes me dismiss most of your position as mere childish contraryness.

    You only get these kind of “lectures” from me when you take my own words and edit or twist them. That’s an outright attack, and so you get slapped. It only happens when you do this; I am fair with you. I’ve given you respect when you act respectful of other people. When you act like a 5 year old with poopy pants and start biting and clawing at everything around you, you get spanked and stuck in a playpen. I guess over a year of this hasn’t taught you anything; you are quite a dense student.

    Go ahead, tear into this reply as much as you want 🙂 Label it as “granny talk” if you want; it makes me sad that you seem to have never encountered a good friend who can tell you when they think you are being stupid and merely reveling in debasing yourself for attention 😦

    It’s all artificial anyways, and so, not relevant, interesting or bothering. I just can’t take you seriously 🙂 You are like Don Rickles or The Three Stooges, whom I suspect of being your spiritual forebears 😀


  3. Dear Miso,

    As I know you are deeply in love with Ampel and he doesn’t respond to your avances and you are also aware now that I danced with Ampel all night close during a swedisch Valentines party, so I will forgive you all the bitterness that is exploding from the reply you wrote.
    I am happy for you that you have at least your Teaparty friends to support you in these difficult times. From my side I would like to let you know I will unconditional love you and will ignore your attacks hidden under the surface.
    I pretend nothing with my “”””””””art”””””””” or with my posts or with whatever I do, the only thing I can’t do anything about is me being ART. I was born like that.

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