The Linden Meet Your President

Wizard Gynoid: lindens are here off and on

Wizard Gynoid: they all took off when saveme got here

soror Nishi: cowards

SaveMe Oh: they always run when i arrive

soror Nishi: fools…they don’t know what they are missing, saveme

SaveMe Oh: i see one in the wild in my radar

soror Nishi: hehhehehehe, go catch

SaveMe Oh screams: Courtney, lazy come here

Wizard Gynoid: is there a feral linden running loose?

Wizard Gynoid: i got a courtney on radar

SaveMe Oh: let me wave

Courtney Linden screams : Hi, SaveMe

SaveMe Oh screams: Im here darling

soror Nishi: you got his attention, at least

Courtney Linden screams : Where are you? I’m smooching in a booth. LOL

SaveMe Oh screams: Im dancing with your ex boss but he is too a lousy dance

Courtney Linden screams : LOL SaveMe!

SaveMe Oh: omg teaparty time

Wizard Gynoid:     ☆•:*¨¨*:•  ~ ❤~  MISO ~❤~•:*¨¨*:• ☆ 

Miso Susanowa:    ☆•:*¨¨*:•  ~ ❤~  WIZARD ~❤~•:*¨¨*:• ☆ 

Miso Susanowa:    ☆•:*¨¨*:•  ~ ❤~  SOROR ~❤~•:*¨¨*:• ☆ 

soror Nishi: Blondin is here, SaveMe

soror Nishi: you lost him

Miso Susanowa: awww

SaveMe Oh: blonds I eat for breakfast

Blondin Linden: Please stop with the attachments

Blondin Linden: Save Me

SaveMe Oh: why? Can I wear my hair?

Blondin Linden: Please be respectful of others here. All the attchments make it difficult for others

Blondin Linden: And I appreciate that. But please be respectful of others and keep the attachments to a minimum

SaveMe Oh: ok, I will search for the delicate and fine ones

Blondin Linden: heres the thing

Blondin Linden: Your suicide bath is inappropriate here. It’s PG land

SaveMe Oh: ok I will resurect then

Blondin Linden: thank you

SaveMe Oh: and now kiss me

soror Nishi: :))))….now thats an interesting image

Oskar Linden: Oskar Linden has entered the sim!

Wizard Gynoid: hehe

Courtney Linden screams: Hey, Oskar!

soror Nishi: feral lindens allert

Miso Susanowa: OK folks! The COUNTDOWN TIMER is TICKING!!!!!

soror Nishi: hiya blondin

Miso Susanowa: how LONG will Saveme HOLD OUT!?!?!

Miso Susanowa: you KNOW its COMING!

SaveMe Oh: hey, dont make him angry

Miso Susanowa: place yer bets!!!!

soror Nishi: yep…I’m bored…..

SaveMe Oh: kiss him up

Miso Susanowa: hehe uh… ok saveme *laughing hard*

Miso Susanowa: i’m sure it’s ME

SaveMe Oh: he is already threatening me in IM

SaveMe Oh: so catch his attention so he dont notices me

soror Nishi: awww….lucky girl

soror Nishi: no…you are easy to overlook, saveme

Miso Susanowa: she’s just such a wallflower ne?

Miso Susanowa: poor thing

SaveMe Oh: he wants me to reduce it too a minimum

SaveMe Oh: so tell me when its too much

Miso Susanowa: SaveMe… with you, when is it EVER too little?

soror Nishi: is that a concept you have, SaveMe,…minimum?

SaveMe Oh: maybe Philip is too much

Miso Susanowa: haha minimalist saveme

Oskar Linden screams: there we go. who wants a kiss?

SaveMe Oh: I dont kiss strangers

soror Nishi: oh? thats very prudish of you

SaveMe Oh: But maybe the Linden realise what is needed to make their program work

Miso Susanowa: *mind starts ticking*

Wizard Gynoid: at least philip has clothes on.

soror Nishi: nah….they’ve seen him drunk before

SaveMe Oh: roxie, did you brush your teeth?

Miso Susanowa: discretion from saveme *faints*

Miso Susanowa: ~*~ OMG ~*~

Miso Susanowa: ~*~ FAINTS ~*~

SaveMe Oh: come one, you teaparty cowards do something

Miso Susanowa: we are your Audience

Miso Susanowa: you require us to be validated yes?

SaveMe Oh: thats important

SaveMe Oh: audience

SaveMe Oh: sometimes i think there are only artists left

Miso Susanowa: hahaha that’s not what you say in yer blog

Miso Susanowa: miss contrary 😀

SaveMe Oh: you think their new boss send them here to kiss their clients? in a charming attack?

Miso Susanowa: no, of COURSE everyone came to see YOU saveme

Lexie Linden: Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!    Big Hugs!!

Oskar Linden screams: alright ladies, this poseball ain’t gonna animate itself!

soror Nishi: they are hyper cautious

SaveMe Oh: I think he is overwhelmed by my beauty ( I am kissing Blondin Linden and touch his fine ass)

soror Nishi: saveme…of course

Wizard Gynoid: i know i am saveme

SaveMe Oh: he is speechless

soror Nishi: yes…tighter than a ducks ass

Miso Susanowa: *watching the body language*

SaveMe Oh: hey blondin

SaveMe Oh: kiss me

Miso Susanowa: baby he’s a wantin’ you

SaveMe Oh: come here darling

Miso Susanowa: *snaps a pic of Saveme feeling up Blondin’s avatar

Miso Susanowa: i used to do that with Ken and Barbie…

soror Nishi: saveme is having a fondle

Miso Susanowa: *totally cracks up*

soror Nishi: its kiss a linden, not fondle

SaveMe Oh: you have to take what you can

soror Nishi: true

soror Nishi: very true

Miso Susanowa: she’s very aggressive, isn’t she? *nibbles on a ladyfinger*

SaveMe Oh: he escaped

soror Nishi: you may have frightened him now

SaveMe Oh: I almost had him by the balls

soror Nishi: you need a net

Miso Susanowa: maybe her grip is too… grippy?

soror Nishi: you did, almost, yes

SaveMe Oh: they are all forced to kiss their clients here today

Miso Susanowa: saveme, for a hard-bitten artist you surely open yourself up for romantic angst

Miso Susanowa: all the time, you are like an ANIMAL

Alexa Linden: Couldn’t be more wrong 🙂

Nya Linden: forced? ? Allowed. 🙂

Miso Susanowa: you and Apmel should go out

Alexa Linden: touche 🙂

8 thoughts on “The Linden Meet Your President

  1. We did go out yesterday Miso . This is a qoute from my “lousy blog” today:))

    SaveMe Oh: Ampel just asked me if i could create more lag, because he is extremely bored
    PetGirl Bergman: please saveme talk nice to apmel i dont want to ban him please
    SaveMe Oh: he always tries to make me behave bad
    SaveMe Oh: so he has some copy for his lousy blog
    SaveMe Oh: as he is from your kind he doesnt dare to behave bad himself
    SaveMe Oh: and then he forces me to do the dirty work

  2. Ouch ……… have been kissing Courtney Linden and fumbling her ass, The one and only Courtney Linden who rejected the Susas kissing at the sl7b, because of some brown little spots suggesting they are nipples., The courtney Linden who then accordingly banned me .The Courney Linden who had no courtesy and never took the effort to reply to my Im’s and friendly notecards) Okay Save; calling me Josina was on the edge, but this one is crossing the edges, well actually you are falling of the edge, and this time no susas to save you from splashing. And then Blondin Linden who stood by and laughed, you asked him to kiss you…….what is next….. I’m more then speechless. My President not defending the honors of her First Lady while she had the chance to squash them, to turn them into nothing more then little heaps of pixels. I hear already your defense : All politics dear , all politics dear, calm down……….. politics my ass, your first lady is considering to step down and become a bann mother.

  3. You are so stupid Rose, don’t you see what happend?? Your president was the queen of THEIR sim with them eating out of my hand like little puppies. They were trying to slime their way back in SL by offering kisses to everyone on Valentine day. And who you think got all the attention, who you think was kissed by all visitors???
    Your one and only president, the same president who personally arranged the step down of Hosni Mubarak by dancing the Hosni (egyptian shoedance) on his head. You are so digged in in your own lilttle wars that you don’t see the greater picture anymore. I asure you that you can build your Susa’s now with the biggest genitals you have ever seen without any problem. Forget that sad little nipple thingies, let it swing big.

      • You better check your mailbox, I have covered you with sweet loving valentine gifts, kisses, hugs, smiles,compliments, even more hugs, have been waiting in the bed in my best valentine nightgown, with roses in my hair. I did prepare some little gentle lies like :” oh no Saveme, still no wrinkles around your nose, you are sweet and pretty as ever and of course you do not smell out of your mouth”. But you were playing valentine queen somewhere else, You were to busy kissing the Lindens .

  4. At least the LINDEN are sincere liars, they don’t have to “prepare” little lies. I was one hour in front of the mirror trying to find the wrinkle around my nose and none did I found nor did I found any Valentine gift in any of my many mailboxes.
    And when I ever smell from my mouth it’s from that overdose of fish, fish and fish.
    First you hide me on 1500 m, then you leave me for weeks alone with our mental case and when the LINDEN fall for me, and why wouldn’t they, you turn green from jealousy.
    So better put back the roses in your hair, wear that Valentine nightgown again and wait in your bed. Only don ‘t forget to tell me where the bed stands this time.

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