My Party Your Party

No triggerhappy Banmothers and Banlords, just people digging in their inventory in search of what they could add to the Secret Save Screensaver Show. A creative meltingpot of jamming idiots who think sanity is so overrated. And the big advantage at my own party’s, normally I don’t ban myself.

See Ed Vespucciano movies he made during the party.

or read the report from any1gynoid: Dance on Dictator Heads

8 thoughts on “My Party Your Party

  1. SaveMe, look at the second video again – I made those changes at the end that we discussed to suit UWA requirements. I was thinking of calling it Jayjay’s worst nightmare.

    • I think it’s brilliant to send it in like this and the title is perfect. It’s nice to let all the exitement freeze down in the boring surroundings of UWA. And as it is an university, they will be happy with this study material to improve themsleves.

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