Death Threat By Pupito

When I visit a concert from the band Engrama (Pupito Abrahams aka Pupito Helstein and Lakua Arriga last night in SL, I became so depressed that I tried to commit suicide.

After the PAD people banned me the bandmember Pupito Helstein found it necessary to threaten me.

Pupito Helstein: u was at the wrong place wrong hour

Pupito Helstein: prepare

Pupito Helstein: 🙂

Pupito Helstein: u will feel real pain

SaveMe Oh: I helped you out

SaveMe Oh: much more attention

SaveMe Oh: you should thank me

SaveMe Oh: now they wont forget you

Pupito Helstein: well i think u dont have any idea of what can i do

Pupito Helstein: i work whit computers since i was 15 years old 🙂

Pupito Helstein: prepare..

Pupito Helstein: ive all waht i need from u

Pupito Helstein: beacause u are so smart that u answer my IM

Pupito Helstein: im sorry for u, really i didnt want things were like this

SaveMe Oh: Look, you played, I made a show, now people are talking about it. Thats how art works the best

Pupito Helstein: no..u dont understand  🙂

Pupito Helstein: im not like all stupids pple here

Pupito Helstein: i work here in sl

Pupito Helstein: this is one of my 13 avatars 🙂

SaveMe Oh: I slept with Philip and M Linden

Pupito Helstein: so…hun…u have 2 options 🙂

Pupito Helstein: nah im not a linden

Pupito Helstein: am a P.4

SaveMe Oh: is that a horse?

Pupito Helstein: no..well can be if u have any tr.7

Pupito Helstein: but

Pupito Helstein: the thing is that grab this day in your mind 🙂

SaveMe Oh: You are the evil destructor?

Pupito Helstein: ill mute you of course , ill contact u in some days for a especial meeting .

SaveMe Oh: with one of your 13 avi’s?

Pupito Helstein: but u will feel real pain

Pupito Helstein: haha u want to be funny :)i like that

Pupito Helstein: my  pain.

SaveMe Oh: well, when the pain is good you can make again a song about it, because lovesongs are not your thing

Pupito Helstein: no, but i have 10.000 l every time i play sad songs 🙂

Pupito Helstein: are u from japan?

SaveMe Oh: yes

Pupito Helstein: really?

SaveMe Oh: yes

SaveMe Oh: will you come visit me?

Pupito Helstein: i can visit your hard disk

Pupito Helstein: very soon 🙂

Pupito Helstein: p4 will makes u feel real pain

SaveMe Oh: I tremble and shake

SaveMe Oh: have to buy a new one then

Pupito Helstein: no, really, whit love 🙂

SaveMe Oh: glad i am so rich

Pupito Helstein: ok…see u soon  🙂

Pupito Helstein: 84.417.902

Pupito Helstein: bye cunt.

36 thoughts on “Death Threat By Pupito

  1. scary! I guess you were performing one of your famous jam sessions .How dares he to call you a cunt, I think I have to hurt him, and I have been behind my computer since I was 80, so he better watch out , or one of the 33 susa will come and look for him… tssst

  2. I think the 33 Susas will be very happy to have finally a real target, and I might call in the 37 SaveMe’s too. I will provide 70 pairs of earplugs to make us immune!

  3. I think the cunt 33 Susas will be very cunt happy to have finally a real target, and I cunt might call in the 37 cunts SaveMe’s cunt too. I will provide 70 pairs of cunts earplugs to make us cunts immune!

  4. Could the music be so bad to drive you to suicide? How could he possibly hurt you more … this is why computers are dangerous for children!

    • The music was not that bad, but very dark and depressing, As a good artist I just add some visual things to make the music stronger. But they didn’t like my contribution.

  5. Pupito and his girlfriend Lakua is one the the very best livebands in SL and long time favorites of mine. The concert was great and everyone semed to like it , even SaveMe :))

    The band obviously were not used to play in front of an audience full of egotripped artists and actually SaveMe was acting relatively unobtrusive.

    That the owners of PAD decided to ban SaveMe was to me and many others very surprising. Pupito’s threats I can´t take seriously and Lauka’s speach after the concert was misplaced.

    Anyway they all did what they do best, stir up emotions. Engrama with their music and SaveMe with her performance art.

    What really upset me was that Apmel was accused of ass licking again!

    • Thats why I was hanging in a tree Ampel, so you could lick my ass easier with your old bones in the way.

      About the music you are right, I liked it. But…. when you are forced half an hour to watch two ugly avi’s pretending to play drums and play guitar it’s the holy duty of every fellow artist to help them out with some attractive sideshow items to cheer up the screen. When musicians don’t know how to perform in a virtual world they should only stream their music to listeners. These psuedo live concerts are the biggest joke from SL.

  6. why should avatars always appear as humanoid, 5ft somthing ..with goth hairdoos anyway? why not appear as art ? you can go to a concert in rl with funny hat on..why not sl? (even IF SMO’s hat is huge and obscure and moving). people are SO stuck in banal reality.NO wonder depressing music iswhat comes out. ill come and greeve at your harddrive funeral save me..after we can party, (and dance to some nordic deathmetal).yurll be resurrected and all will be back to normal.

  7. Well, the first thing for say is: playing in sl is our rl job. We also play in rl since years ago… as Engrama and in another bands. We love interventions. But we love smarts intervantions. What you did last night “save me oh” was pathetic. But we really dont care couse my life is not a pixel life… is just my job, as any job. And when you said those rude things douring the concert it was 2 persons NO pretending playing, they was just really playing live. In fact I play drums and sing at fucking same time. And the real followers of Engrama know that couse I mistake a lot of times since 2 years ago playing… so they know is a real live band, not a fake band. And the only reason to perform in sl is that In my country Spain there is no work, no job, crisis. I dont play the game of sl, couse we are so happy playing arround europe and we are not involved on pixel problems. This is the first time I ever answered something on a blog or some kind of this… Please listen cumbia if you are sad 🙂 I dont want to fight. It is enough job find places to play all the day in sl and then play live all and dont use NEVER any track. So please dont come anymore to a show and dont bother us again

    • When I go to a band, I buy a ticket and see them perform live in front of an audience. When I go to a concert in secondlife I don’t see the band but most of the time i see pixelate dummies pretending to be the artists that I hear somewhere in the background. If it’s live or not is totally not the question as the “live” thing doesn’t add anything as we don’t see you.
      So if you choose a virtual medium like secondlife to perform your music on (which I quite liked) you have an obligation to add something to make it for the viewers behind their screens worthwhile. This performance of yours was utterly boring, when you had played your CD it would be the same result. Luckely for you there are artists like me who are quite happy to spice your performances a little up. So that an audience have good music and something to watch. So next time call me before, tell me what you would like to be added and me and my friends will help you out as we all support Spanish artists trying to survive a crisis.

  8. No Mirror: (Saved Tue Mar 01 14:14:41 2011) my god…your sim is so disgusting, u have not idea what art is… have u ever open a book in your life? and u dont have any idea how to build!!! do a good thing for the humanity and start doing blowjobs…u will be more productive .

  9. [7:29] Pupito Helstein: (Saved Tue Mar 01 00:48:22 2011) ok, ive your sl i need your alvi number, so please login and stay for 5 min and put this un local chat “98.098.234f” dont forget the f letter 🙂
    [7:29] Pupito Helstein: (Saved Tue Mar 01 01:49:46 2011) i was talking to rose , really nice person, u think u can go arround trying to be “fun
    [7:29] Pupito Helstein: (Saved Tue Mar 01 01:52:07 2011) and insulting pples works? a band playing all at real time in sl, that kind of music…u think u are a dadaist performer? ive done interventions in sl but in shitty places that deserves that…not in the place that your friend have her arts works, thats pathetic and stupid, ….so…this time u really mistake..

  10. Oo….. Now I am scared. If I leave a comment here, will my pc self-destroy in a few minuts, too?
    I think yesterday was a “cunt” day, as, me too, I was called that name (woooot!). By another person, for the very first time and for a very stange reason. Funny. So obviously Pulpito has not the copyright about it. Maybe SaveMe performances are not always easy to understand, specially if you are the goal, specially if you dont know her, but such an threatening answer shows that the “real musician behind the screen” is far worse… and someone I would certainly not enjoy to meet… and from now on, to listen. Actually, I liked the music, I even tipped (imagine!)…. This time, someone really made a mistake, but certainly not SaveMe.
    /me checks her harddisk……

  11. its simple, we are a live band, we dont pretend to be more than that, we play live in sl since years and u can hear that is live and is not a track,we mistake sometimes, u can listen the drums sounds when we are talking, but..i dont need u to belive that is live, we have our followers …. and tell me savemeoh” what is your performance? type in the local chat “im sad, this music is making me sad” thats your talent? u think thats a performance?, that was a newbie trying to have attention…have u ever hear about Fluxus? dadaism? have u hear about Fluxus collective in sl? … well, they make REAL interventions…u call yourself an artist thats an ego crap…u pretend to be an “artist” and u are just a tiny girl whit…….stick ur head in ur toilet and flush the shit from ur mind.

    • I don’t question your live playing, I question the reason for it to do that in a virtual world as it adds nothing. Why you don’t send everybody a link who wants to hear it so our screens are not an hour poluted with nothing to watch. Did we throw away our television to stand there watch frozen avatars watching a frozen band? Only when I typ soemthing in chat the mutants woke up and showed some signs of live. Be glad I woke them up for you.

      I don’t call myself anything, I don’t pretend anything. I AM SAVEME OH!

      • not all the pple has to think like u ..pple are there watching pixels beacause they like, as much u like to make those boring “interventions” they like to stand there, watchintg their pixels dancing and listening a live band, sl is the support, some pple listen us by our stream url, and some pple like to be whit their avatars…is like a game for them i dont know….. i use sl to stream my band playing live…some pple use sl to have pixel sex and some pple like you use sl to bother whit fake interventions that u called art.
        ive nothing more to say about this, i really enjoy pple who makes art whit quality not pple like u who question the way that pple enjoy in this case sl…

  12. I am all the time accused of making art during your performance. In my opinion I only hanged myself because the music was so sad and in the mean time I chatted a little with the standing mutants there, to give them a cheerful night. I succeeded well, I think. When you want to call that an art, it’s ok with me.

    • there is not sad music or happy music, as an “artist” u might have to know that..if our music makes u feel sad is a goal for us to give u a real feelling.

      🙂 take care.

      • I am always speaking for myself, I don’t pretend to know the truth. I only take the freedom to express my truth, if you like it or not.

  13. theres a split.. some want to live in a ‘virtual’ world, a lame copy of the ‘real’
    others explore possibility . simple as that. Its refreshing someone has the the energy to point this out. Its save me OHs ‘JOB’ to save us from 2005 style virtual reality.

  14. Except what Pywacket said last and I agree, i must say I feel sick about these peoples pretentiousness and lack of sense of humour.
    It is too much of that everywhere in sl.
    I also lose interest in their music after this.

  15. [14:40] Pupito Helstein: im really enjoying this, u are promoting my band for free 🙂
    [14:40] SaveMe Oh: I told you taht all the time
    [14:41] SaveMe Oh: when I arrive, everybody around me gets attention
    [14:41] Pupito Helstein: not what u didn in the concert, i mean what happened before, during the concert u know what i think about that
    [14:41] Pupito Helstein: after*
    [14:42] SaveMe Oh: But now you have to chance the sad way of performing
    [14:42] SaveMe Oh: we will work on that soon
    [14:42] Pupito Helstein: oh no…we love to make pple feel sad
    [14:42] Pupito Helstein: but some pple feels happy, the music is juts music
    [14:42] SaveMe Oh: I can also help with that, I did yesterday
    [14:42] SaveMe Oh: but then you were not amused
    [14:43] Pupito Helstein: u feel sad becausae that was what u listened
    [14:43] SaveMe Oh: but after a night sleep you relaise I was right
    [14:43] Pupito Helstein: do u feel sad now?
    [14:43] SaveMe Oh: not at all
    [14:43] Pupito Helstein: but u ussually feel sad
    [14:43] SaveMe Oh: no, never
    [14:43] Pupito Helstein: thats sad
    [14:44] SaveMe Oh: Most of the time i sit laughing behind my pc
    [14:44] Pupito Helstein: nono, i mean in rl
    [14:44] Pupito Helstein: do u have rl live of course
    [14:44] SaveMe Oh: in rl I even laugh more
    [14:44] Pupito Helstein: and do u make interventions in rl?
    [14:44] Pupito Helstein: or u just do it in sl?
    [14:44] SaveMe Oh: everywhere
    [14:45] Pupito Helstein: do u have videos or something?
    [14:45] SaveMe Oh: a lot
    [14:45] Pupito Helstein: good ill check that..
    [14:46] Pupito Helstein: dont feel sad whit music…if u listen radiohead u feel sad?
    [14:46] SaveMe Oh: you can find me dancing, singing, acting, talking, whatever you want
    [14:46] Pupito Helstein: oh u are a completly artist
    [14:46] Pupito Helstein: do u get payid for that?
    [14:46] SaveMe Oh: actually yes
    [14:46] SaveMe Oh: Is that bad?
    [14:47] Pupito Helstein: no, its perfect
    [14:47] Pupito Helstein: i get payd for my music in sl and rl
    [14:47] SaveMe Oh: good for you
    [14:47] SaveMe Oh: and with all the attention I generated for you , you must be quite happy.
    [14:48] Pupito Helstein: happy beacause today im going to dinner pasta.
    [14:48] SaveMe Oh: You have something to eat. Thats nice to hear
    [14:48] SaveMe Oh: I already finished my pasta
    [14:49] Pupito Helstein: u fail in a few things
    [14:49] Pupito Helstein: that gallery
    [14:49] Pupito Helstein: your friend rose have some art works there
    [14:49] Pupito Helstein: and the owner got mad because this and he has read the blog.
    [14:49] Pupito Helstein: thats one
    [14:50] SaveMe Oh: That Rose is my friend doesnt mean we are married 24 hours a day
    [14:50] SaveMe Oh: although she would love that
    [14:50] Pupito Helstein: 2 – 90% of the pple thought your intervention was boring and sad that my music. much boring
    [14:51] Pupito Helstein: i mean, u was like repetitive
    [14:51] SaveMe Oh: those 2 allready comment on my blog, I will wait for your 90
    [14:52] SaveMe Oh: Only be carefull with reacting too much on my blog, otherwise when you google yourself you will always arrive on my blog
    [14:52] SaveMe Oh: as I am much more poplair then your music
    [14:53] SaveMe Oh: sorry for that
    [14:53] Pupito Helstein: yes u are right
    [14:53] Pupito Helstein: ill keep posting in your blog because i want tu to be the most popular in sl
    [14:53] SaveMe Oh: I am already, your help is too late
    [14:54] Pupito Helstein: do u feel proud of that?
    [14:54] SaveMe Oh: It happend
    [14:54] SaveMe Oh: I didn’t fight for it
    [14:54] Pupito Helstein: u have a sl carrer
    [14:54] Pupito Helstein: thats a big thing in the life.
    [14:54] Pupito Helstein: for a japanesse girl
    [14:55] SaveMe Oh: Not many Japanese girls achieved that
    [14:55] SaveMe Oh: but I do it for the sake of SL
    [14:55] SaveMe Oh: and for you
    [14:55] SaveMe Oh: as you can do so much better
    [14:56] Pupito Helstein: thats so kind
    [14:56] Pupito Helstein: i can do things for u too
    [14:56] SaveMe Oh: now you have to win your public back as a lot of people think you are an asshole now
    [14:56] Pupito Helstein: a big one
    [14:56] Pupito Helstein: i am an asshole
    [14:57] SaveMe Oh: keep that private next time
    [14:58] Pupito Helstein: but ive good work in sl and rl, and thats makes me travel arround the world playing live, and in sl having money..

  16. Engrama has one of the worst work ethics in SL. They actually go out of their way to stalk live performers. On top of that, they tried to use peoples connections and get ahead from it. When they realized certain people did not want anything to do with them they resorted to sad stalking, shit talking, and IM threats. This sort of behavior is common from Engrama. People need to just learn to ignore them. Eventually their crappy garage band will go away.

  17. The only thing anyone needs to know about them is they are better off not going to a show. Unless you prefer muffled-sounding flat boring highschool grunge bands.

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