The OH Revolution – Kick The Recreators Out

After the liberation of Tunisia and Egypt it is time to liberate Secondlife and that means the following.

The virtual possibilities of Secondlife have to be fully respected by its users. That means that from now on we will not tolerate anymore the sickening influence from the recreators. People who don’t succeed to pull of something in real life and now think they have the right to pollute our virtual world with it. I am pointing at the amateur oil painters, aquarellists, sculptors, musicians and stage builders who think they have to redo the real world in our virtual meadows.

Our first attention will go out against the gallery recreators and the music recreators. The people who build galleries or stage’s because they are in the sad state of mind that they think that is needed for virtual artists to flourish. First we had Velasquez Boneto who forced us to be glued on his chairs to see his sad recreations of The Wall and Metropolis, then we had the PIRATS who loved their self build boxes better than the artists who they lock up in there and after that we had UWA, who went even further to make art shows a sponsored idols show in IKEA setting.

And then the music:

When I go to a band, I buy a ticket and see them perform live in front of an audience. When I go to a concert in secondlife I don’t see the band but most of the time I see pixilated dummies pretending to be the artists that I hear playing somewhere in the background. If it’s live or not is totally not the question as the “live” thing doesn’t add anything as we don’t see it. They could play a CD or MP3 without us noticing the difference.

So if you choose a virtual medium like secondlife to perform your music on you have an obligation to add something to make it for the viewers behind their screens worthwhile.

Utterly boring concerts and gallery based exposition will be our target to start our revolution. So keep that in mind when you invite me, and when you don’t invite me I will come anyway.

The revolutionary group consist the WEARERS who will show you why walls, kitchens, stages and pizza’s have no use in a virtual world. And for the ones who didn’t noticed yet, we are able to fly!

9 thoughts on “The OH Revolution – Kick The Recreators Out

  1. Absolutely! Let them keep the name SIMulations, but ART is appropriation, innovation and aggravation!

  2. mmm… Without a place to welcome the artists, the artists could not share their talents
    No concert. No exhibitions etc. .. where is the share in your revolution?

    • We create the places wherever we want and we create them on the spot, that’s real sharing of talents. All empty grounds will do. What we not need is precreated boxes where galleryowners want to lock us up and in which they find their own gallery’s more important then the artists work.

      • I do not agree with you, the galleries are the link between the artist and the spectator … The Gallery welcomes artist and the spectator, without gallery, the process of sharing would be much longer and slower …
        a place in a gallery is the best medium for an artist to become known..
        it is easier to go where the spectators are accustomed to go, rather than inviting spectators. Your understand?
        Artist > Go to > Spectators it’s more easy than: spectator > Go to > Artists
        It’s easier, because the spectator are accustomed to come see an artist in a gallery

        The gallery invites the artist and the spectator. Gallery is the best link between artist & spectator.

      • Yes I agree, it happened to me as soon as I got on sl. Art has to fit in a box “owned” by someone (maybe they think they are Lindens) which they can publicize and profit from. If people come into sl and expect to find galleries and other things from rl they are wasting the amazing potential for EXPANDING their reality. SL art can go forever, engulf you, throw you around make you dizzy, kill you and resurrect you, mix you up with other people – it doesn’t have to hang on a wall of pixels in a little rental box.

  3. Ditto for “educators” who get grants to build virtual auditoriums with chairs, where the “experts” stand in “front” and show PowerPoint-like images to their supposed audience. Rule-oriented, structure people will bring their limited ideas along with them to ruin everything they touch. Bravo, Saveme, for refusing to kiss the asses of art nazis.

    • you are quite right, also in that education areas they suffer from the same illness of rebuilding RL. I will make it a point of attention and show some points with real power. lol.

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