Help, Help, He Will Tell The Linden

During a quite boring karaoke night I decided once more to show my best side and lighten up the poor musician with at least a good visual show to distract the other viewers a little from two old ladies in long dresses, Medora and Josina, skydancing.

After he eject and banned me he IM-ed me the next day with this scary threat:

 avantgarde Frequency: excuse me?

SaveMe Oh: I was saying yesterday, be glad I colored your karaoke night

avantgarde Frequency: I was underwhelmed by your display   but tolerated it for a while…  I hope it was enjoyable for you

SaveMe Oh: very

avantgarde Frequency: just add us to your banned places:)

SaveMe Oh: you are not telling me you perma ban me?

SaveMe Oh: I don’t collect banned places

avantgarde Frequency: hell you list your intrusions in your profile   please.

SaveMe Oh: better don’t ban me as it is so much work to give all my stuff to alts over and over again. Just simply stick to the eject button or the ban for a day, if you really want to prove you are as a musician not able to improvise

avantgarde Frequency: maybe you need to do your homework better

SaveMe Oh: as improviser I never do homework

SaveMe Oh: that’s why I am so good

avantgarde Frequency: my music pedigree far exceeds your pedigree as a pain in the ass

avantgarde Frequency: and that’s saying something

SaveMe Oh: your what?

SaveMe Oh: I only read bio’s when I have heard something special

SaveMe Oh: but when you need a good show, just call me, so they folks don’t fall asleep

avantgarde Frequency: I’m thinking Linden Labs will find this dialogue interesting

avantgarde Frequency: just sent it to them

avantgarde Frequency: have a nice day

SaveMe Oh: good

On his live stream you could hear this “great” artist after this discussion one hour busy together with his family how he could send an abuse report to the Linden between singing his songs of love and peace.

11 thoughts on “Help, Help, He Will Tell The Linden

  1. [9:51] Josina Burgess: You have been ejected from ‘Art Gallery Diabolus’ by Josina Burgess.
    [9:58] SaveMe Oh: alweer? doe toch niet zo kinderachtig, daar heb je de leeftijd helemaal niet meer voor

  2. [10:04] Fayte Stuart: i have found some people are rude and ignorant of any kind of manners and people like that dont need to me in my world saveme you are one of those people
    [10:04] Fayte Stuart: you are rude and you think to highly of your little tricks
    [10:04] avantgarde Frequency ejected and banned you from this land.

  3. i have found you to be a rude and childish person. that you even have people who listen to your rambling on is beyond me but i do hope that someday you grow up and act like an adult

  4. people see themselves so important that they loose their sense of humor and the ability to laugh at themselves

  5. Face it SaveMe – you have failed as a missionary – these tribal pixel clouds will never understand your gospel.

  6. Oh great saveme… you are an inspiration to all. No one is greater than you. Even me is inspired by your amazing talent and proficiency. You take scatological delights to a new level and make me smile. I shall greet you with open arms when you join me none too soon. Praise the prolific master of deceit. Only you are worthy of praise. You who shines like a beacon of hope for all who know nothing and do nothing of value. Only you are able to reconcile the nuance accounts of the nefarious neophites of the kingdom of lost souls. Your vulva is home to huge shiny phallus’ of happiness and contentment. Praise you oh great one. Praise you. You inspire us all.

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