My Own SaveMe Oh Exhibition For Free

Always dreamed of being a simowner or gallery owner yourself and being able to host an exhibition of second life’s most known artist SaveMe Oh then TP her in!

Organize a party, invite your friends, and TP her together with her SaveMe Oh Foundation with her best pics on the walls and….she brings her own music.

Where should you organize this? Wherever you want! In your virtual toilet, at the official Linden sim, at your enemies estate, during a gangbang, on another exhibition or during a concert. SaveMe is only not available on sims where she is banned but who wants to go there anyway as they are the most boring places of SL, when she is not allowed there.

This art for free is made possible by UWA, CARP, Pirats, Odyssey, SLart, UTSA, Caerleon and Nordan Art but is totally paid by SaveMe Oh herself with her hard-earned Linden dollars.

Appointments can now be made with SaveMe Oh or check if she is online. When there are more invitations at the same time there a bribe options.

[14:56]  Josina Burgess: You have been ejected from ‘Art Gallery Diabolus’ by Josina Burgess.

[14:59]  Whisper Gravois: This is a curtesy notice that you have been banned from Rosenthal Sim called Brink’s Cove for improper actions at Palazzo Celestial. Thank you.

10 thoughts on “My Own SaveMe Oh Exhibition For Free

  1. [14:59] Whisper Gravois: This is a curtesy notice that you have been banned from Rosenthal Sim called Brink’s Cove for improper actions at Palazzo Celestial. Thank you.
    [15:02] SaveMe Oh: Do I know you?
    [15:05] Whisper Gravois: I am the sim manager
    [15:05] SaveMe Oh: from what sim?
    [15:05] SaveMe Oh: have I ever been there?
    [15:05] SaveMe Oh: What I did?
    [15:06] Whisper Gravois: You were causing trouble earlier at the live venue called Palazzo Celestial.
    [15:06] SaveMe Oh: Who was playing and what I did? I really have no idea.
    [15:07] Whisper Gravois: You will have to contact the owner of the venue. I only manage the sim.
    [15:07] SaveMe Oh: And why now this action?
    [15:09] Whisper Gravois: I was just sending you a notice that the action has been taken, due to a complaint being filed.
    [15:09] SaveMe Oh: by who?
    [15:09] Whisper Gravois: The owner of the venue
    [15:10] SaveMe Oh: who is the owner of the venue?
    [15:10] Whisper Gravois: I will have her contact you, if you feel this banning is unfair.
    [15:11] SaveMe Oh: Now I have not any idea about what this is, so I would like to know
    [15:11] Whisper Gravois: Dani Druart. She is waiting to hear from you
    [15:21] SaveMe Oh: never hear of this Dani
    [15:22] Whisper Gravois: You will need to talk to her.
    [15:22] Whisper Gravois: I cannot lift the ban til she agrees
    [15:23] SaveMe Oh: Your names will now be connected with the most famous artist on secondlife, when you google yourself.

    • I run one of the most respected Live Venues in Second Life for close to 2 years now.
      It is owned by myself and my Brother Emile Sands, who is well know within and out of the Community.
      We offer 5-7 shows a week,with the best talent available. I do not have time now do I want to deal with ANY Grief. I will deal with it before it escalates. My Musicians and Staff are 100% protected at any time. I will honor their requests, so they will be able to enjoy their time at our Venue! If that is not enough reason to ban a Griefer, I’am sorry!

      • The things I am accused of is not to believe. Why I never hear words of thank for my constructive contributions?

  2. [15:27] Whisper Gravois: Actually dear… you just violated TOS… I can have you up on charges to LL.
    [15:28] SaveMe Oh: I have not as they dont have to do with things publisjed outside sl
    [15:28] SaveMe Oh: but when you want to be a traitor, spy or collborator, go ahead
    [15:28] Whisper Gravois: *laughs* You are not allowed to copy chat logs to anyone who does not agree to it. ANYWHERE!
    [15:29] Whisper Gravois: And my profile picks specifically denies anyone the right to copy my chat anywhere
    [15:29] SaveMe Oh: Judasses always were amongst us
    [15:29] Whisper Gravois: You violated my right to privacy
    [15:30] SaveMe Oh: so go complain
    [15:30] SaveMe Oh: call the police
    [15:30] SaveMe Oh: send me to guantanamo
    [15:32] Whisper Gravois: Ok… off you go to Guantanamo.

  3. [15:37] Dani Druart: Hi I’m the Owner of Palazzo Celestiale
    [15:37] Dani Druart: I’m not here in anger or anything
    [15:37] Dani Druart: What is your relation to avantgarde frequencey
    [15:37] Dani Druart: please
    [15:37] SaveMe Oh: I just have no memorie about what happened
    [15:38] Dani Druart: NO you were not here
    [15:38] Dani Druart: I’m being told you griefed him
    [15:38] Dani Druart: a lot
    [15:38] Dani Druart: and we do not tolerat griefers at all
    [15:38] Dani Druart: But I do want to listen to both sides
    [15:39] SaveMe Oh: and who is the complainer, so I have an idea what I am dealing with?
    [15:47] Dani Druart: read above pleae
    [15:47] Dani Druart: please
    [15:47] SaveMe Oh: ah ok
    [15:47] Dani Druart: YOu brag about being banned
    [15:47] SaveMe Oh: i see now
    [15:47] Dani Druart: from venues
    [15:47] Dani Druart: what good is that
    [15:47] Dani Druart: hun
    [15:47] SaveMe Oh: avantgarde
    [15:47] Dani Druart: I dont understand
    [15:47] Dani Druart: yes
    [15:47] SaveMe Oh: i forget it was a name
    [15:47] SaveMe Oh: lol
    [15:48] Dani Druart: However its my venue
    [15:48] Dani Druart: and all Id o is provide live music
    [15:48] Dani Druart: to the best of my abilities and cant deal with things like this
    [15:48] SaveMe Oh: I provide Live art
    [15:48] Dani Druart: so I wish you all the best
    [15:48] Dani Druart: wonderful
    [15:48] Dani Druart: griefing is not a form of art dear
    [15:48] Dani Druart: YOu must be fairly young
    [15:49] Dani Druart: No offense
    [15:49] SaveMe Oh: check me out and see if its art

  4. [15:11] Apmel Goosson: you are selling yourself very cheap thiese day!
    [15:11] SaveMe Oh: I always did
    [15:11] SaveMe Oh: I am a cheapie
    [15:11] Apmel Goosson: hehe
    [15:12] Apmel Goosson: after vanesssa’as blog post you should be expensive
    [15:12] SaveMe Oh: Vaneeesa is trying to lift on my fame, so I have to be cheap
    [15:13] Apmel Goosson: clever!!
    [15:15] Apmel Goosson: now i see.. she says you come now you are going to come invited instead

  5. Does that offer include balloons and a clown or pony? Because I need something to make my lesbian vampire BDSM love slaves art more resprectable.

    • Just organise the party. The interaction will start without preparations being made although I can ask Merlina if I can borrow her spotted lesbian vampire pony.

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