Don’t You Ever Call Me A Digital Hybrid Again!

To Dr David Stent of the Derby University, UK.

As the most famous artist of Secondlife all kinds of wannabe me’s try to lift on the jetstream of my popularity. It came to my knowledge that my name was mentioned in this project. Now to make one thing clear, I never heard of Derby and I sincerely hope I never have to go there. My art is too big for a place called Derby and Great Brittain didn’t made any significant progress after the invention of electricity. So to make a long story short, when some people claim to know me or are in contact with me they are liars and when they continue to bother you I will stick a digital hybrid thing up in their ass. Am I making myself clear??

10 thoughts on “Don’t You Ever Call Me A Digital Hybrid Again!

  1. in reality as soon as SMO heard about Second front performing as well, something clicked in the circuitry , and huffy & puffing with excuses like Rumpelstiltskin she ran away! i should have cut and pasted material for the SMO blog.
    ah well… we will send in the clones…another day perhaps.
    here is SMO and Philip Linden in RL.. ‘clones’ has been dubbed over with ‘clowns’, and names have been changed for the sake of hidden indenitys but… but

  2. Ah come on Pye, you were in front of me on your knees begging and sobbing if I would please consider, I had to hand out a kleenex to you to dry up all that false tears you pledged.
    It happens more and more that the so called artists who surround me walk against that huge brick wall. The wall of running out of ideas, the hard evidence that what they did was just a temporary trick masking the one thing they don’t have, talent.
    And who has tu pick up the pieces and rescue their faces…SaveMe Oh. And because my name will trigger this feeling I have to deal with it even if that means I have to investigate every fart the empty headed push out their bodies.
    The ones who send out all day on facebook what they saw that day on the internet are the ones who hit the wall of running out of talent, and I have to rescue them, omg, even in Derby.
    BTW: what is second front???

  3. i merely asked if you wanted to do a performance. you said yes maybe..and then when i asked again you declined. In a dramatic way of course…. that ‘sobbing’ was tongue in cheek. No one is really that desperate for your royal farts. and you HAD to comment on that derby blog.. *sigh. Just a little bit dorky miss bee in bonnet. I cant imagine what you put your slaves through on those Mediterranean cruises while relaxing.

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